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CleverPath Forest & Trees MouseOverTriggers View File Sample

Released: February 21, 2003
Works with: CleverPath Forest & Trees Version 6.50, 6.51

What Does the Sample Do?

This sample CleverPath Forest & Trees view file demonstrates various methods of executing mouse-over triggers that change the colors, fonts, or images displayed in the view. The sample also includes generic builder-defined functions that can be reused in your own view files to execute mouse-over processing.

Installing the Sample

After downloading the compressed file to a local folder and extracting the contents of the file, you should have the following files:

  • The sample view file, MouseOverTriggers.ftv

  • Four image files, included for demonstration purposes:


  • This file, Readme.txt

To learn how the sample works:

  1. Open the view file in the CleverPath Forest & Trees Developer.

  2. Click the tabs to try the different examples.

  3. Examine the view trigger definitions and formula code as directed by the labels included in the view file.

Download F&T MouseOverTriggers demo here