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Product Comparison
Results, Eighty, Sixty

  VISION: Results VISION: Eighty VISION: Sixty
Responds to free-form, English-like commands Yes Yes No
Structured Query Language (SQL) commands Option1 Option1 No
Responds to fixed-form commands Yes2 Yes Yes
Can precode and save data field definitions and other source statements for later COPY into programs Yes Yes Yes
Can use predefined COBOL data definitions with COPY feature Yes Yes No
COPY feature supports symbolic substitution and conditional generation of statements Yes Yes No
COPY feature supports Panvalet, Librarian and Condor source libraries Yes Yes No
COPY feature supports Endevor libraries Yes6 No No
Multiple Panvalet libraries may be searched with COPY feature Yes6 No No
Panvalet and Librarian libraries may be access dynamically with COPY feature Yes6 No No
Instream COBOL data definition support Yes Yes No
Macro facility which supports local and global variables Yes No No
Internal sort facility invoked at almost any point in program Yes Yes Yes
Internal sort handled in one statement Yes Yes No
Release and return records from SORT Yes Yes No
Structured language support (DOWHILE, DOUNTIL, CASE...) Yes Yes No
Automatic Match/Merge facility Yes No No
Accepts compound conditional IF statements allowing for complex data selection in one statement only Yes Yes No
IF selection (random or interval) for generating test data Yes No No
Supports nested IFs Yes Yes No
Accepts range and series compares in single statements Yes Yes No
Formula expressions can be easily specified Yes Yes No
Full arithmetic capabilities Yes Yes Yes
Supports exponentiation Yes Yes No
Supports character, zoned, decimal, packed, binary, and unconventional data types Yes Yes Yes
Has extensive data selection and handling capability - moves, reformats, compares data, does arithmetic and formulas, aligns decimals, tests or changes at bit level, and more... Yes Yes Yes
Allows branching forward and backward to program statements Yes Yes Yes
Corrects data automatically - fixes blanks and "0" divisor errors Yes Yes Yes
Provides comprehensive analysis and diagnostics of error conditions Yes Yes Yes
Compiles and allows the saving and cataloging of object code Yes Yes Yes
Can validate statements without going into execution Yes Yes Yes
Two to four-dimensional array processor Yes No No
Automatic table handling processor Yes Option Option
Allocate table above 16M lilne Yes No No
Provides indexing/subscripting facility Yes Yes Yes
Provides user EXIT facility for invoking special routines at any point in the program Yes Yes Yes
Supports card, tape, all current disk devices including FBA and 3540 diskette and more Yes Yes Yes
Supports sequential, ISAM, and native VSAM file organizations with sequential and random retrieval/update Yes Yes Yes
Support VSAM buffers above 16M line Yes3 No No
Support VSAM XRBA, RLS Yes4 No Yes5
Supports BDAM file organization Yes Yes No
Read VSE source statement libraries (SSL) Yes Yes No
Read MVS partitioned data sets (PDS(/E) Yes Yes Option
Update MVS partitioned data sets (PDS/E) Yes Yes No
Supports fixed, variable, undefined, and spanned formats Yes Yes Yes
Provides a CALL command for invoking subroutines written in Assembler or COBOL Yes Yes Yes
Supports unlimited multiple record types Yes Yes Yes
Supports databases IMS, DLI, DB2, SQL/DS, CA-IDMS/DB Option Option Option
Supports called subroutines accessing IMS, DLI Option No No
Provides dataname definitions Yes Yes Yes
Allows datanames up to 50 characters in length Yes Yes No
Supports data translations, e.g. ASCII to EBCDIC Yes Yes Yes
Supports qualified datanames Yes Yes No
Supports MOVE CORRESPONDING features Yes Yes No
Supports unlimited number of input and output files Yes Yes No
File prints in hexadecimal and/or character format Yes Yes Yes
Miscellaneous Features:
Bit Manipulations
Hexadecimal Condense/Expand Yes Yes Yes
Boolean arithmetic logic - AND/OR/XOR Yes Yes Yes
Translate and Translate and Test Yes Yes Yes
Other Services
Numeric comparison between unlike data types Yes Yes Yes
Callable routine for date mainipulations Yes Yes Yes
Supports IBM Language Environment Yes No Yes
Allows dynamic allocation of files Yes6 No No
Report Writing Features
Creates multiple reports Yes Yes Yes
Provides automatic composition feature Yes Yes Yes
Provides user-controlled report format Yes Yes Yes
Provides automatic editing, printing, titling,column headings, totalling, control breaks, spacing Yes Yes Yes
Provides multi-line printing up to and including 99 lines at detail or break time Yes Yes Yes
Provides user exits to handle print line Yes Yes Yes
Provides cross-reference of datanames Yes Yes No
Unlimited number and type of letters Yes No No
Detailed reporting of customization options in effect Yes No Yes
Standard number of programmable accessible counters from 1 to 10 Yes Yes Yes
Expanded number of programmable accessible counters from 10 to 126 Yes No No
Programs can be uniquely identified and displayed Yes No Yes
Desktop Portability
Callable routine to create a CSV delimited file Yes Yes Yes
Callable routine to read a CSV delimited file Yes No Yes
Create a delimited separating character file Yes No Yes
Create an XML document of data elements Yes6 No No
Support the use of WebSphere MQ Series Yes6 No No
Produce HTML report Yes6 No No
Text Editing Capabilities:
Data edit of MM/DD/YY or MM/DD/YYYY format Yes Yes Yes
Social Security Number edit Yes Yes Yes
Amount fields edited into printable formats Yes Yes Yes
Print size of an edited amount field can be specified Yes Yes Yes
User specified line spacing and/or page ejection, including support of channels l through 12 Yes Yes7 Yes
User specified characters per line and lines per page Yes Yes Yes
Page indenting option Yes No No
Word wraparound Yes No No
Variable data insertion Yes No No
User can specify a range of detail lines in the body of the letter to be printed dynamically Yes No No
Pre-printed forms may be utilized Yes No No
Multiple letter writing/report capabilities Yes No No
Special reserve word identifies each letter request Yes No No
Columnar generated letters Yes No No
Laser character font option Yes No No
Two-up letters Yes No No
Letter line exit Yes No No


1 SQL syntax is provided for those who optionally request DB2 or SQL/RDBMS support
2 Fixed form support VISION:Sixty must be licensed with VISION:Eighty or VISION:Results
3 Z/OS version only
4 Z/OS version only
5 Z/OS version only
6 Z/OS version only
7Skipping to channels 1 through 12 only available with VISION:Results