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CCC/Harvest 4.0.2 Service Pack for Windows NT & 9x Clients

Several issues have been resolved in this service pack, the most significant being that dates in the list view of the Harvest Explorer are now displayed according to what is set in the Short Date field of the Regional Settings in the Control Panel. The Date Modified tab on the Harvest Explorer File Chooser has been fixed and enhanced to include a date/time picker (drop down calendar). In addition, when you open the Viewpath or Filepath Chooser from the Harvest Explorer checkout or checkin dialog, the current viewpath or filepath root is now displayed.

For detailed information on all issues resolved, see the 402_ReadMe file located within the service pack.
If you have questions or problems, please contact Technical Support at 1-800-833-7528, or go to for more information.


This service pack includes all of the modifications made in the 4.0.1 service pack. It can be applied to either a CCC/Harvest 4.0.0 or 4.0.1 installation. A 4.0.2 server is compatible with 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 clients; however, a client running 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 cannot connect to a 4.0.0 server.


Filename Type Operating System Size
CCH402sp_NT9x.exe PC Windows NT/9x 3.9MB

Installation Instructions

  1. Exit CCC/Harvest.

  2. Download the self-extracting file CCH402sp_NT9x.exe to a download location of your choice. (This file includes fixes for the Version Control Interface as well.)

  3. Make sure you have write access to the files being overwritten (see below).

  4. Double-click on the downloaded self-extracting file (CCH402sp_NT9x.exe) to begin extracting its contents.

  5. In the "Unzip to Folder" field, change the default location (c:tempCCH402sp_NT9x) to point to the location of your %HARVESTHOME% directory.

  6. Click the [Unzip] button to install the service pack into your %HARVESTHOME% directory.

  7. ADDITIONAL STEP: If you receive the following error message when invoking Harvest Explorer: "The ordinal number 6767 could not be found in the Dynamic Link Library MFC42.DLL", replace the current MFC42.dll in your WINNT or Windows directory with the one supplied in %HARVESTHOME%/lib.


    The following files are new or have been updated in this service pack:
          bincc_pti.exe       binharexplorer.exe       binharsetup.exe       binharvest.exe       binhccmrg.exe       binhci.exe       binhco.exe       binhcp.exe       binhdp.exe       binhft.exe       binhinsrext.exe       binhpp.exe       binhscc.dll       binhscc95.dll       binhsigget.exe       binhsigset.exe       binhsql.exe       binhusql.exe       libharvest.vr       libmfc42.dll