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CCC/Harvest 4.0.2 Service Pack for IBM RS/6000 AIX Systems

Several issues have been resolved in this service pack. Following are the most significant:

  • CCC/Harvest has been updated to be compatible with Oracle 8.
  • The lock on the table harObjIdGen is now released right away, so other transactions do not have to wait.
  • It is now possible to control the hostname being registered to the broker by the server.
  • The Take Snapshot process now takes the time from the server. Previously, it took the time from the client.

  • For detailed information on all issues resolved, see the 402_ReadMe file located within the service pack.
    If you have questions or problems, please contact Technical Support at 1-800-833-7528, or go to for more information.


    This service pack includes all of the modifications made in the 4.0.1 service pack. It can be applied to either a CCC/Harvest 4.0.0 or 4.0.1 installation. A 4.0.2 server is compatible with 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 clients. However, a client running 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 cannot connect to a 4.0.0 server.

    PLEASE READ: To use the new Oracle8 support, you must:
  • install CCC/Harvest 4.0.2 server
  • have previously installed Oracle or higher

  • Download

    Filename Type Operating System Size
    cch402sp_aix.tar.Z IBM RS/6000 AIX 9.6MB

    Installation Instructions

    1. Exit CCC/Harvest and shut down the Harvest server(s). Make sure all users are logged off before shutting down the server(s).

    2. Shut down the PLATINUM License Manager.

    3. Download the file cch402sp_aix.tar.Z to your $HARVESTHOME directory. (NOTE: If the downloaded file name becomes corrupted as cch402sp_aix_tar.Z, please rename it correctly before continuing.)

    4. Uncompress the tar file.

    5. Make sure you have write access to the files being overwritten (see below).

    6. Install the service pack files with the following command:

                  tar xvf cch402sp_aix.tar
      SPECIAL 4.0.0 INSTRUCTIONS: If you are applying this service pack to a 4.0.0 installation:

    7. Change directories to $HARVESTHOME/install

    8. Execute the following batch file, substituting the name and password of the Oracle user that owns the CCC/Harvest tables:

     (oracle user) (Oracle user's password)
    9. Depending on which patches you have already installed, you may see some error messages (for forms, indexes or fields that already exist). This script can be run multiple times with no adverse effect.

    10. Restart the License Manager, then start at least one server.


      The following files are new or have been updated in this service pack:
             ImpExpEnv.txt       bin/charset       bin/       bin/harserv       bin/harsetup       bin/harvest       bin/hccmrg       bin/hci       bin/hco       bin/hcp       bin/hdp       bin/hexpenv       bin/hft       bin/himpenv       bin/hinteg       bin/hpp       bin/hsigget       bin/hsigset       bin/hsql       bin/husql       bin/       bin/msexport.perl       bin/msimport.perl       bin/sccstohar       etc/charset       etc/harserv       etc/harsetup       etc/harvest       etc/hccmrg       etc/hci       etc/hco       etc/hcp       etc/hdp       etc/hft       etc/hinteg       etc/hpp       etc/msexport       etc/msimport       etc/msremitem       install/       install/etc/accessReset.sql       install/etc/       install/etc/addPkgField.sql       install/etc/checkform.sql       install/etc/custom_10.sql       install/etc/custom_15.sql       install/etc/custom_16.sql       install/etc/custom_17.sql       install/etc/custom_9.sql       install/etc/custom_def_15.sql       install/etc/custom_def_16.sql       install/etc/custom_def_17.sql       install/etc/custom_pl_10.sql       install/etc/custom_pl_15.sql       install/etc/custom_pl_16.sql       install/etc/custom_pl_17.sql       install/etc/custom_pl_9.sql       install/etc/dropTmp.sql       install/etc/expandseverity.sql       install/etc/fixAccess.sql       install/etc/fix_8bit_access.sql       install/etc/msmappingtrigger.sql       install/etc/newdefecttrigger.sql       install/etc/newmrtrigger.sql       install/etc/perf_indexes.sql       install/etc/verifyAccess.sql       install/etc/verifyTmp.sql       install/etc/verify_15.sql       install/etc/verify_16.sql       install/etc/verify_17.sql       install/etc/fix8bitdb.readme.txt       lib/harserv.vr       lib/harvest.vr       license/bin/instlic       license/bin/lmgrd       license/bin/lmutil       license/bin/platd