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CCC/Harvest 4.1.1
Release Information

Supported Systems:	Sun Solaris 2.5x or 2.6 server or client

	IBM RS/6000 AIX 4.1.5 or above server or client

	HP9000 700 series HP-UX 10.20 or 11 server or client

	HP9000 800 series HP-UX 10.20 or 11 server or client

	DEC Alpha OSF/1 4.0x server or client

	Intel-based PC: Windows NT 3.5.1 or 4.0 server or client

	Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows 2000 clients

Available:	October 1999


  1. The CCC/Harvest Windows Extension provides a method for performing check in and check out functions from within the Windows Explorer. This allows users to execute these most common configuration management tasks without having to log on to the CCC/Harvest GUI on their client machine.
  2. CCC/Harvest now supports Oracle 8.0.5 databases.
  3. HP800 series machines running HP-UX 11 are now supported.
  4. It is now possible to start a broker and multiple Harvest servers as a single NT service.
  5. When invoking the CCC/Harvest server process on a Unix system, if the license server is not running, it will now automatically be started as well.
  6. It is now possible to export a life cycle definition (no data) from one installation and import it into another.
  7. It is now possible to control the hostname being registered by the server to the broker.

Software Integration Kit (SIK)

  1. It is now possible to control the hostname being registered by the server to the broker.
  2. There is a new function, hsikShutdown(), which immediately disconnects your program from the Harvest server.


The following are issues that have been resolved in this release. Where applicable, associated Technical Support PAR numbers are indicated:


  1. The Take Snapshot process now takes the time from the server. Previously, it took the time from the client. In certain cases, this caused integrity issues with the snapshot if the server and client were not time-synchronized.
  2. If a user modified an option menu on a form, then clicked Apply, and a database trigger for the form failed, any additional attempts to save the form would not update the option menu value. This problem is fixed.
  3. When running a process with an apostrophe in the name, the user would get the error: "E1001-RDB error found: ORA-00933:SQL command not properly ended in GETProcessId."
  4. If a user edited tables directly in the CCC/Harvest tablespace, some of the tables might become out of synch. This would cause trouble when trying to duplicate an environment. The duplicate looked successful, but was not. CCC/Harvest will now give an error message.
  5. After an update, the table harObjIdGen is now unlocked promptly.
  6. The utilities, hexpenv and himpenv, used to export and import environment models, now correctly handle environments with spaces.
  7. The himpenv utility now correctly deletes tables during execution.
  8. On HP800 systems, return codes from pre-linked UDPs are no longer ignored.
  9. A user can now update a form's access or package association while editing a form, and another user can attempt to edit the form at the same time, without causing a deadlock.
  10. Clicking the Save button multiple times quickly on a form, no longer clears the fields on the form.
  11. Checking out recursively for browse from a snapshot created a directory on the PC with the first letter of the repository missing, causing the process to fail. This is fixed.
  12. Deleting an associated form from within the Package Properties window now works correctly.
  13. Certain access fields will now be set correctly in the database. This only affects installations that have more than 308 user groups defined.
  14. Memory is now properly released by the server after an E0401 error occurs.
  15. A new script named fix_8bit_access.sql, has been added to correct the access settings on 8-bit databases on Unix systems.
  16. Three new performance indexes have been added to the database.
  17. An error in the usrobjid stored in the harFormHistory table has been corrected.

Harvest Explorer

  1. The [file] system variable is now correctly handled by UDPs.
  2. Harvest Explorer now handles invalid UDPs correctly.
  3. Dates in the list view of the Harvest Explorer are now displayed according to what is set in the Short Date field of the Regional Settings in the Control Panel.
  4. During a checkout, if "Preserve Timestamp" is activated, the Harvest Explorer was using GMT time to timestamp the file. It now uses the local time.
  5. When using an HP800 server, performing large searches or setting the View Path Root to "/" in the Version Chooser no longer causes problems.
  6. Harvest Explorer now displays file modification time in local time instead of GMT.
  7. Harvest Explorer now handles large forms (more than 99 fields) correctly.
  8. The package creation time displayed has been changed from GMT to local time.
  9. The Visual Difference process no longer displays a blank screen when performing the process on a large item in two different views. (PAR #611119)
  10. Previously, users could not see the results of their check out process until the process was complete. This has been changed so that the results are shown incrementally in a status window while the process is executing.
  11. The List Version process is now available from Harvest Explorer and has the same functionality as the Workbench. The Visual Difference utility, which was previously executed by the List Version process, is now located in the toolbar View menu.
  12. A problem where a post-linked process would still execute after a pre-linked process had failed has been fixed.
  13. The log view pane now displays all results correctly.
  14. The Version Properties dialog has been eliminated due to redundancy.
  15. Performance of the Version Chooser has been improved.
  16. When selecting a Check Out, List Version, or Delete Version process from within the Version Chooser window, the versions listed in the Version Chooser results field now get passed into the process dialog.
  17. The Visual Difference process no longer returns inappropriate E0432 error messages.
  18. Linked UDPs now pass the [version] system variable correctly.
  19. In the Harvest Explorer, when using the "X" to exit a form, and answering "No" to the confirmation dialog, users would get a second message: "Are you sure you want to lose your changes?" This second confirmation has been removed.
  20. When you open the Viewpath or Filepath Chooser from the Harvest Explorer checkout or checkin dialog, the current viewpath or filepath root is now displayed.
  21. The date filter on the Date Modified tab of the Harvest Explorer File Chooser was not functioning correctly. In the process of resolving this problem, the date selection fields have been enhanced to include a date/time picker (drop-down calendar). (PAR#817522)

Command-Line Utilities

  1. Performance of the hinteg process on very large databases has been greatly improved.
  2. Users are no longer required to have write access to .hsig files when using the hsigget command. (PAR# 655318)
  3. A problem with an incorrect variable being set in the sccstohar script, has been fixed.
  4. A new option has been added to the hci command to allow users to specify the item filter to use. (PAR #746493)
  5. When executing a command-line check out with a linked UDP on an NT/9x system, if the UDP fails, the failure is now handled correctly. (PAR #662748)
  6. The hco command line utility will now accept viewpaths using either slash ("/" or ""). Previously, this worked for hci, but using the wrong slash could cause a hang state in hco.

Software Integration Kit (SIK)

  1. Invalid UDPs are now handled correctly.
  2. Linked UDPs now pass the [version] system variable correctly.
  3. A problem where a post-linked process would still execute after a pre-linked process had failed has been fixed.

Version Control Interface

  1. Resolved several problems related to supporting Visual J++ in the Version Control Interface (VCI).
  2. Added a message summary to the end of the session log in the VCI.
  3. Resolved a VCI problem introduced in 4.0.1 when working with Visual Basic where hp~ files would be emptied.
  4. A problem in the Version Control Interface where multiple zero versions of items were being displayed in an environment after attaching a snapshot of that environment to another environment has been resolved.
  5. When using the Version Control Interface (VCI), after changing your context (e.g., state or package), you will now receive a dialog reminding you to refresh the project status.

Harvest InfoReports

  1. A problem with the report rep_access has been fixed so that it will now run.
  2. The report pkg_created now accepts and recognizes the [environment] variable. To implement this fix, copy the file pkg_created.rep from HARVESTHOMEbin and replace the existing one in the InfoReports installation.

Multi-Site Concurrent Development

  1. The Multisite Mapping form now saves the package name prefix field.
  2. Multi-Site now supports hmail.


  1. The format of output from UDPs is now properly maintained. This was a problem when running UDPs from Harvest Explorer or from the command line.
  2. On the Modification Request and Defect Tracking forms, the Date field is now correctly filled in.
  3. It is now possible to check out an item for browse that has a merge tag.
  4. The cross-environment merge process now retains the correct last modified time stamp on the new version. (PAR #787598)
  5. The timestamp on files being checked in is now performed after all pre-linked processes have executed.
  6. After a snapshot view has been attached to a new environment, multiple check outs of a single version in the original environment can no longer be made. This was a problem in the Version Control Interface as well.


  1. Users may get an MFC42.dll error message when invoking HarExplorer. To correct, replace the current MFC42.dll in your WINNT or Windows directory with the one supplied in %HARVESTHOME%bin.
  2. Oracle 8 databases with 8-bit character sets might encounter a problem with the error
    ORA-12705. In these cases, it will be necessary to install SQL*NET for 7.3.4 and create an alias to the Oracle 8 database. Once the alias is created, you will need to append the alias to the user name in harsetup. For example, if the user name is harvest and the alias is hardb, the user name in harsetup should be harvest@hardb.