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Advantage Intraccess Web Edition 1.5

Advantage Intraccess Web Edition 1.5 is a Browser-based product with similar functionality to InfoAccess application of Advantage Intraccess 2.0 product suite. Advantage Intraccess Web Edition enables execution of existing VISION Host Engine Queries and delivery of their output. It can also be used as a companion product to Advantage Intraccess 2.0 when only access to pre-stored queries is desired. The major features of this product are as follows:

  • Web Client - Intraccess Web Client is completely browser based thus there is no need for individual installation on client workstations. It provides and easy to use graphical user interface for query submission and query output viewing and management.

  • CleverPath Portal - Advantage Intraccess Web Edition can operate from within CleverPath Portal and assume Portal security and user administration. Intraccess data can be published to the Portal thus shared by other Portal users.

  • Extended VISION Host Engine Support - Advantage Intraccess Web Edition in addition to all of the Host Engines supported by Advantage Intraccess 2.0, i.e. VISION:Results, VISION:Excel and VISION:Inform, supports VISION:Inquiry 6.2 (CICS and IMS versions), VISION:Builder's and VISION:Results's new HTML output formats.

  • Host Job - Advantage Intraccess Web Edition also supports Management and Submission of Host Jobs. Run-time parameters and Job Steps can be defined and initialized prior to job submission. The resulting output of the host jobs can then be downloaded and/or published to the Portal.

  • ODBC Data Source - The output of the VISION Host Engine queries can be populated in an ODBC Data Source such as MS Access or MS Excel for further querying and analysis.

  • Email Support - The output of the VISION Host Engine queries can also be emailed to other recipients as an email attachment right from within Intraccess Web Edition.

  • Query Output Data Format - The query outputs are automatically converted into HTML format or are displayed in their original host formatted design.

  • Publish to WebSphere - It is also possible to automatically publish VISION:Results query outputs in HTML format directly to the host without any additional download and/or optionally email the output to email recipients.

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