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Advantage Intraccess 2.0

Product Information

Comprehensive Information Management and Reporting

Platform Supported
PC Workstation - Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP

Hardware Requirements
Pentium Pro or faster; Pentium II or better recommended
64 MB of RAM or more for Windows 95 and 98 - 96 MB for Windows NT/XP and 2000
Color VGA or better monitor, set at screen resolution 800 x 600 or higher
25 MB of available local hard disk minimum; 40 MB recommended
TCP/IP stack with TCP/IP connection to a host server
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
Connection to at least one enterpriser host server using TCP/IP

IBM Host - z/OS and OS/390

Streamlining Application Development and Data Access

Product Overview

Advantage Intraccess 2.0 is an information access tool that seamlessly integrates enterprise server data access with corporate application using the power of the Internet. Advantage Intraccess consists of a PC client component for Windows and a server component for the host. Using the Intranet and TCP/IP technology, Advantage Intraccess communicates with the host server to access Computer Associates host products.

Run Existing Host Queries from the Workstation

Advantage Intraccess enables users to run saved host queries from a PC connected to the corporate intranet, enabling secure access to corporate data.

Build New Queries on the Workstation

Advantage Intraccess lets you build Advantage VISION:Inform queries on the local client with an easy-to-use drag and drop graphical user interface. You can then run and, optionally, publish the queries on the host server. Use this feature to:

  • Create new queries using the data models from Advantage VISION:Inform data source
  • Send the queries to the host server for execution
  • Save the queries locally, or publish the queries on the host server, which makes them available to authorized Advantage Intraccess users

The data selected by the queries can then be formatted into reports and charts.

OLAP Wizard

This powerful tool transforms corporate data into full-color, three-dimentional charts with drill-down capability for presentations and reports.

Save Gallery View Query Lists and Data Models

Advantage Intraccess automatically saves your host query lists and data models to your local client. This time-saving feature:

  • Eliminates the need to connect to the host to retrieve data models and query lists
  • Saves the query list, including queries from both the Advantage VISION:Inform host server and the local client

View Query Lists Grouped by Data Models

Advantage VISION:Inform users can now view a query list for a specific data model within a data source. This improved organizational structure makes it easy for you to locate your queries.

Send Query Results Using E-mail

Send query results quickly and easily from Advantage Intraccess using a new e-mail interface. You can now e-mail query results directly from Advantage Intraccess using HTML, comma delimited, and text file formats.

Support Open Data Base Connectivity

Use this feature to create personal datamarts on demand. You can transfer query results to the database of your choice.

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