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Windows 2012 Server x64 bit OS MS Cluster and NSM r11.2 SP2 CUM1 Agents & Managers

Windows 2012 Server x64 bit (Standard & Datacenter editions with GUI installation option) in Microsoft Two Node Active / Passive Cluster Environment.

The following components have been certified:


  • Log Agent,
  • System Agent,
  • Script Agent,
  • Performance Agent,
  • Active Directory Agent
  • Event Agent
  • WMI Agent


  • World View
  • DSM
  • EM
  • SPO
  • Web GUI's

The following fixes are required for this Certification ( For pre-requisite fixes refer to Note below)

The following PIBs created for Windows 2012 Server Cluster Certification should be reviewed prior to installation:

RI66224 (Common Discovery Import Service Fails in Win2012 Cluster Group)

Refer to below PIB's as applicable:

  • RI54746 (Win2012 UBI Not Opening)
  • RI54748 (UCM Blank When Opened Remotely)

RI20053 (MCC Alerts Drop Down Not Working)

RI20107 (CCSWV Datascope Rule Generator error)

RI37777 (AEC Classic GUI Doesn't Open)


  1. Fixes provided for Windows 2012 Server Standalone (Non-Cluster) Certification are prerequisite for current certification on Cluster. Refer to below Window 2012 Server Certification link.
  2. The last release of NSM i.e., r11.2 SP2 Agents & Manager are supported on Windows 2012 Server OS only after applying all the r11.2 SP2 CUM1 Published Cumulative Fixes ( Please refer below link ) for all the Agents & Managers installed.
  3. For NSM r11.2 SP2 CUM1 with SQL Server 2012, Refer to below SQL 2012 Certification Link

Known Issues :

1. Few of NSM Web components UI's like UCM, AEC have some issues with Internet Explorer 10 native mode, and these components are supported when browser mode is changed to "IE 10 compatibility mode".

2. For AEC web interface few tabs (Configure, Edit, Status) report error when configured to use cluster virtual server name as EM Manager. As a work around try with active cluster physical node name or use AEC Classic GUI.