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MS SQL Server 2012 and NSM r11.2 SP2 CUM1

CA NSM r11.2 SP2 CUM1 has been certified on SQL Server 2012 x32 & x64bit (Enterprise and Standard editions) in standalone (non-cluster) environment.

The following fixes are required for this Certification:

The following PIBs should be reviewed prior to installation:

  • RI58888 (WIN-MCC LOGIN FAIL SQL 2012)


  1. In case of using NSM r11.2 SP2 CUM1 in SQL 2012 & WIN 2012 Environment, Please refer to below Windows 2012 Certification Link and proceed accordingly

  2. NSM r11.2 SP2 Agents & Manager are supported on SQL Server 2012 only after applying all the NSM r11.2 SP2 CUM1 Published Cumulative Fixes (Please refer below link) for all the Agents & Managers installed.

This announcement is not intended to replace the documentation included with the fixes listed above. It is essential that the documentation for each fix be reviewed to determine the nature of the fix, the install instructions and any necessary prereq and coreq fixes.