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Gold Key FAQ

What is a Gold Key?

A Gold Key is a license key that is not restricted or limited by any attribute such as hostname, IP address, user count, etc. In addition, Gold Keys will either have no time duration or an extremely long duration; for example, 12/31/2035.

Does the License Simplification effort impact my current contract?

No, all contract terms remain in effect. Please refer to your CA license agreement for your product usage rights. Whether a product supports the use of a license key, restricted or “Gold Key,” or requires no license key, your license agreement will determine your product entitlement and usage rights.

CA Technologies is simply removing the need to obtain and install license keys for certain products. Visit the Licensing CA Support Online page to find a list of affected products:

Is there a way to ensure I am in compliance when using products enabled by a Gold Key?

Please refer to your CA license agreement for your usage rights.

How do I apply a Gold Key?

You can locate the directions on your product page on CA Support Online.

Who do I contact with any Licensing key related issues?

Visit our CA Customer Care website for contact details:

Does this change the way Technical Support is handled?

No. The way you receive Technical Support will remain the same.

How do I obtain my Gold Key?

Gold keys are located on your product pages on CA Support Online. Not all products have a Gold key. You can review a list of products that have a Gold key on the Licensing page:

If you have any questions about Gold keys, please contact CA Customer Care. Contact information is on our website at:

Do I have to replace my existing keys with a Gold Key?

There is no immediate need to replace the key. Any license keys previously issued for Gold Key enabled products will continue to function until the expiration date (if applicable). If your key does expire or you change to a new system then you should download and install the Gold Key.

Do all products have a “Gold Key”?

No. There will be a listing of the products that have a Gold key on the Licensing CSO page:

For those products that do not have a Gold key, standard license key processes will continue to apply.

What do I do if a “Gold Key” is not working?

Contact CA Customer Care to request assistance. Our contact information can be found online at:

If my product has a Gold Key available, can I request a standard license key for my product?

No.  The "Gold Key" is the new standard until CA's ultimate goal is reached to go key-less for our Distributed Enterprise products.