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CA eHealth Performance Manager
Certification Kit Process Update

To: CA eHealth Performance Manager Customers
From: The CA Technologies eHealth Team
Subject: CA eHealth Performance Manager Certification Kit Process Update
Date: January 18, 2011

Dear CA eHealth Performance Manager Customers:

Traditionally, CA eHealth Performance Manager (CA eHealth) Certification Kits are provided with product Service Packs. The kits are typically labeled as D0x where x is the Kit number. Based on our current roadmap, CA eHealth r6.2 Service Pack 2 (r6.2.2) includes the D05 Certification Kit. Service Pack 2 is the last planned update for CA eHealth r6.2. CA eHealth r6.3, the next product release, is currently planned for later half of 2011.

Our Support policy allows us to provide Certification kits for the current GA, and GA minus 1, releases. CA Technologies will continue to provide separate Certification Kits until the first service pack for r6.3 is available.

We are pleased to announce that the release of the CA eHealth r6.2.2 D06 Certification Kit and its availability for download. CA will provide separate kits as they become available, usually every three to four months. There are two editions of the D06 Certification Kit, Standalone and Bundled. We recommend that customers using the English version of CA eHealth use the D06 Bundled Kit that contains the latest certifications, bug fixes, data models, and report enhancements. Customers using the French and Japanese product versions should use only the Standalone Kit, which includes the latest certifications without new data models or report enhancements.

CA Support strongly recommends upgrading to eHealth r6.2.2 before installing either the Bundled or Standalone D06 Certification Kits.

For more information regarding new certified devices and resolved bugs included in the D06 Certification Kit, see the ReadMe file included with the kit. The latest information about certified devices is available at