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Microsoft XP Service Pack 2 - Same Date Support
for CleverPath Products

Last Updated: October 28, 2004

CA is proud to announce same day support for the following products within the CleverPath Business Unit. In preparation, the CleverPath Business Unit has been running quality assurance tests on our products to ensure the compatibility with XP Service Pack 2. The table below indicates any known impacts to our products and associated solutions.

Product Tested Release Known Impact Comments Solutions
CleverPath Aion 9.5/SP2 None None QO58295
CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server 3.0 None None QO58317
Advantage Data Transformer 2.1/SP1 None None QO58375
CleverPath EUREKA:Strategy (Client) 6.3 None None QO58322
CleverPath EUREKA:Reporter (Client) 7.1 None None QO58338
CleverPath Forest & Trees 7.0 None None QO58339
CleverPath OLAP 5.1/SP1 None None QO58345
CleverPath Portal (client) 4.51/SP1 None None QO58371
CleverPath Reporter (client) 4.0/SP3 None None QO58373