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CA XOsoft r12.5 High Availability and Replication on UNIX/Linux
Compatibility Matrix

Last Updated: October 12, 2009

Platforms/Features Applications
File Server Oracle 9x Oracle 10x Oracle 11g
Data Rewind (Feature Included Automatically) DR DR DR DR
Assured Recovery (Available Option) * * * *
Microsoft Virtual PC (all versions) DR DR DR DR
Microsoft Virtual Server (all versions) DR DR DR DR
Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization DR DR DR DR
VMware Virtualization (ESX, GSX, Server & Workstation all versions) DR DR DR DR
IBM AIX 5.2 & 5.3 DR DR DR DR
Sun Solaris (Sparc 9 & 10) DR DR DR DR
Red Hat Entperprise Linux Server (RHEL): 3, 4 , 5  DR DR DR DR
Suse Linux Entperprise Server: 9 (SP3 & SP4);10 (SP1 & SP2) DR DR DR DR

* Not Supported

High Availability and Assured Recovery are Not Support on the UNIX & Linux platforms with CA Xosoft r12.5. Data Replication for Disaster Recovery (DR) purposes is supported.