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CA Workload Automation Agent for HP Integrity NonStop(NSK) or Tandem


  • Support Status:
    Supported - Vendor product supported.
    Certified - In addition to normal support, vendor product has been tested and is certified.
    In-Progress - Vendor product is currently in testing.
    Planned - Vendor product is planned for certification and/or support.
    Not-Supported - Vendor product release is Not-Supported.
    TBD-NotGA - To be determined once vendor product announces General Availability.

  • Service Packs, RHEL Updates, Oracle Releases (maintenance levels) and Solaris ZFS are supported unless noted otherwise.

    CA will only support third party product versions that are supported by the original vendor.

Last Updated: October 31, 2013

Vendor Product Support Status Required Fixes Notes
CA Workload Automation Products
CA Workload Automation EE r11.3 Supported None  
CA Workload Automation AE r11.3SP1/r11.3.5 Supported None  
CA Workload Automation CA7 11.3 Supported None  
CA WA Agent for HP Integrity NonStop(NSK) or Tandem 11.3.1
NSK J06.16 Supported None  
NSK J06.15 Supported None  
NSK G06.29.02 Supported None  
NSK H06.15 Supported None  
NSK J06.13 Supported None