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CA Process Automation (PAM) 4.2
Compatibility Matrix Summary

Last Updated: January 02, 2014

Localization Support - Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish 1

PAM Component Platform OS Versions 4 Java Versions
Orchestrator Solaris SPARC Solaris 10/11 Oracle Java 710 Java Development Kit (JDK)
Windows x64 Windows 2003 Server5 Windows 2003 Server R25 Windows 2008 Server 5 Windows 2008 Server R25 Windows 2012 Server5
Linux (64 bit only) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
CentOS 6
PAM Agent Solaris SPARC Solaris 9, 10, 11 Oracle Java SE version 68, 7 Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
Solaris x86 Solaris 10
Windows x86 Windows 2003 Server Windows 2003 Server R2 Windows 2008 Server Windows 2008 Server R2
Windows x64

Windows 2003 Server Windows 2003 Server R2 Windows 2008 Server Windows 2008 Server R2 Windows 2012 Server
Linux (32 & 64 bit) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, 6
CentOS 6
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, 11 SP1

HP Integrity HP-UX 11iv2, 11iv3 (32/64 bit)
IBM AIX AIX 5.3, 6.1, 7.1 (32/64 bit) Java SE version 68 Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (version 1.6.0_4 or later)


RDBMS Versions 4 JDBC Driver
Oracle3 Oracle 11g JDBC 2 compliant Driver on the same Platform and OS as the PAM Server. 8
Microsoft SQL Server8 SQL Server 2005 SQL Server 2008 SQL Server 2008 R2 SQL Server 2012

CA Embedded Entitlements Manager (EEM)

CA EEM 8.4 SP4 CR11 CA EEM r12, r12.59 Supports EEM High Availability (HA) features

PAM Browser Based UI

OS Web Browser
Any capable of supporting a compatible browser. Microsoft IE 9 JavaScript must be enabled. Adobe Flash Player must be installed to enable the bar chart in the Operations Dashboard.
Mozilla Firefox 4.x - 15.x7
Apple Safari
Google Chrome release 17, 187

1 Localized documentation is also available for all the languages listed with the exception of Simplified Chinese. While the PAM product has been localized for Simplified Chinese, localized documentation for Simplified Chinese is not available.

Earlier version CA IT PAM 3.0 also supported localizations for Hungarian, Polish, and Russian. If you upgrade from 3.0 to 4.2, and are currently using the Hungarian, Polish, or Russian locales, you will need to change to a supported locale. Content prepared under CA IT PAM 3.0, will continue to be usable.

2 Database servers (Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server) can be located on another host than the corresponding PAM Orchestrator. PAM Orchestrators interact with the Database servers exclusively through the corresponding JDBC drivers. As a result, there are no constraints on supported platforms for Database servers other than those imposed by the Database server vendor.

As opposed to PAM versions 4.0 and 4.1, PAM 4.2 does not require database servers to be configured to enable extended transactions (XA).

3 Oracle bug # 9347941

Important! When running with versions of the Oracle RDBMS prior to release CA Process Automation would occasionally hit known Oracle RDBMS defect 9347941 in which concurrent inserts of CLOB data where the individual column values exceed 52K bytes in size may occasionally have such columns updated incorrectly with data past the 52K offset replaced by spaces. This issue has been seen using both 10g and earlier 11g versions of the Oracle RDBMS.

The symptom most commonly observed with CA Process Automation is that a CA Process Automation process would become stuck, and that the Operator the process is stuck on would need to be reset for the process to continue. Problem is infrequent and is only seen with extremely high rates of update contention.

This has not been seen when running either version or of Oracle, and It is recommended that sites using Oracle for their CA Process Automation databases be running version or or later.

4 Usually where a version of an OS or Database is supported, all Service Packs for that version are supported also. If a component of the version is shown as x, then all releases matching that pattern are supported (E.g. Firefox 4.x indicates support for 4.1, 4.2, etc).

Please check product "Compatibilities" on to confirm support for a specific maintenance level.

5 For PAM Orchestrators, Microsoft Windows ServerStandard, Enterprise, and Datacenter Editions are supported.

6 Windows patch 979306 is required.

7 If you use a Firefox or Chrome browser, it is suggested you disable the inline spell check feature to avoid unnecessary processing.

8 When using Microsoft SQL Server as your RDBMS the jTDS 1.3.1 JDBC driver must be used as the JDBC driver for PAM to connect to its databases. This is shipped with PAM 4.2 on the Third Party Prerequisites DVD in the drivers folder.

9 Starting with version 4.2, PAM includes both the EEM 8.4 SP4 and EEM 12.5 SDK to access EEM services. The version of the EEM SDK used is set during installation. Use of EEM r12 and r12.5 features requires use of the EEM 12.5 SDK, and an EEM Server of the appropriate level. This includes new features implemented in EEM r12 such as configuring the EEM Server for multiple Domains, and support for large (2048/4096 bit) certificate keys (EEM R12.5).

10 The Catalyst 3.4 container embedded within PAM does not support Java 6. Use of Java 7 is mandatory for PAM Orchestrators. This is the opposite of the requirement in earlier versions of PAM, where the use of Catalyst 3.3 required the use of Java 6.