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CA Technologies
Incremental Release Program

Last Updated: January 30, 2015

As part of our ongoing Mainframe strategy, CA Technologies is introducing a new way to deliver enhancements more quickly to customers, through Incremental Releases. The CA Technologies Incremental Release program is a delivery model where new product features are developed and released using the Agile development methodology. This enables us to deliver enhancements more quickly to customers so they can begin to derive value from these enhancements.

An incremental release may include several enhancements as well as defect corrections. The delivery mechanism for incremental features and defects will be an SMP/E PTF.

Customers can install an Incremental Release at any time during the release cycle simply by downloading a PAX file from CA Support Online or installing using CA Chorus Software Manager (CSM). When downloading or installing, you will be notified that you are installing an Incremental release. Customers that do not wish to be part of the Incremental Program can install the 'Complete Release' once it is available. The 'complete' release provides all the new features and maintenance introduced during the incremental cycle. All Incremental Releases can be identified with a GEN LEVEL of INC00 whereas a complete release will have a GEN LEVEL of 0000. NOTE: The complete releases for CA Endevor v17.0, CA Ops r12.2 and CA WebViewer r12.1 will have a GEN LEVEL of Syymm where yymm is the year and month the product was released.

CA supports incremental releases in accordance with the CA Incremental Release Program Support Policy and Terms. At the conclusion of the Incremental Release program, all of the new features and maintenance introduced during the program will be rolled into a 'complete release' which is then supported under the CA Standard Support Policy.