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CA Enterprise Log Manager r12.5
General Availability Announcement

Date: December 20, 2010
To: CA Enterprise Log Manager Customers
From: The CA Enterprise Log Manager Product Team
Subject: General Availability Announcement for CA Enterprise Log Manager r12.5

Announcing CA Enterprise Log Manager r12.5

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we continue to provide both innovative solutions and enhancements to existing products. Today we are pleased to announce the general availability of CA Enterprise Log Manager r12.5.

CA Enterprise Log Manager r12.5 delivers the following new capabilities:

  • Log Correlation: CA Enterprise Log Manager r12.5 extends the user activity reporting capabilities available in CA Enterprise Log Manager r12.1 by delivering real-time log correlation and incident management capabilities. The log correlation rules enable organizations to identify unusual or suspicious activity from complex patterns of events. CA Enterprise Log Manager r12.5 provides out-of-the-box correlation rules to support common log correlation use cases. Organizations can also create custom rules by modifying existing rules or creating new rules from scratch.

  • Incident Management: CA Enterprise Log Manager r12.5 not only allows organizations to find policy violations, insider threats, and risks to service availability as they take place, but can also take automated actions on incidents generated by log correlation rules. These actions include sending email, creating helpdesk tickets, generating SNMP traps and executing custom workflows. Organizations can view and respond to generated incidents directly from the CA Enterprise Log Manager Web UI or through an enterprise incident management system such as CA Servicedesk.

  • Data Integrity and Tamper Detection: CA Enterprise Log Manager Server r12.5 provides the capability to digitally sign event log files for integrity verification. The product can also identify if changes were made to the log files, including those that were archived off to external storage systems.

  • Subscription Service Enhancements: CA Enterprise Log Manager r12.5 delivers the following enhancements to the Subscription Service:

    • Dashboard view showing the current release, service pack and patch level of the CA Enterprise Log Manager components.

    • Browse functionality allowing an administrator to browse what is new and select the subscription modules to be installed.

    • Interactive update process showing the ongoing progress the upgrade process through its completion.

  • Hierarchical Tags & Incident Dashboard: In this release, CA Enterprise Log Manager reports and queries have been arranged in a hierarchical manner such that the control objectives are arranged within the respective Regulation with reports mapped to those objectives. For example “System Access by Default Accounts” is required by PCI-DSS under section 2.1 and this report can now be located under “Standards > PCI-DSS > PCI 2 > PCI 2.1”. CA Enterprise Log Manager r12.5 provides a dashboard view of all incidents created by correlation rules. Organizations can build their own dashboards or benefit from out-of-the-box dashboards.

We encourage you to upgrade your CA Enterprise Log Manager deployment to r12.5using the subscription update service so you can begin to benefit from these new capabilities. To upgrade to CA Enterprise Log Manager r12.5, you need to be running the GA version of any of the following product releases: CA Enterprise Log Manager r12.0 SP3, or r12.1 SP2.

To obtain a new license of CA Enterprise Log Manager, call 1-800-225-5224 or by contact your local account representative. If you are outside of North America, please call your local account representative or the local CA office. Please visit for a complete list of local CA office locations.

For more information, we encourage you to visit the CA Enterprise Log Manager product information page on the CA Support Online website at

A Word About CA IT Process Automation Manager

CA Enterprise Log Manager r12.5 makes CA IT Process Automation Manager (CA IT PAM) r2.1 SP03 (2.1.3) available to you as an optional, value-added component. CA IT PAM helps you transform alerts from CA Enterprise Log Manager into help desk tickets and to automate incident response activities. As an optional component, CA IT PAM is not necessary for a basic installation of CA Enterprise Log Manager r12.5 where help desk integration or incident response automation is not required.

CA IT Process Automation Manager is designed to:

  • Provide a centralized and structured approach to operations management

  • Define, build, orchestrate, manage and report on automated processes

  • More efficiently manage end-to-end processes

  • Automate processes in a systematic manner to help reduce costs and free staff from time-consuming routine tasks

  • Support client applications and a fully integrated development and administrative environment

  • Facilitate best practice and regulatory controls compliance

CA IT PAM Download Location

Download the CA IT Process Automation Manager discs for the optional installation of CA IT PAM and its Third Party pre-requisites redistributed by CA under license. Note that only certain IT PAM Connectors are included in the media. More will be available as separate downloads from the CA IT Process Automation Manager Product page on CA Support Online:

CA IT Process Automation Manager discs:

  • DVD10130733E: CA IT PAM r2.1 SP03x (2.1.3) - DVD1, Third Party Prerequisites

  • DVD10131026E: CA IT PAM r2.1 SP03x (2.1.3) - DVD2 Product Installation

For More Information

Should you need any assistance in understanding the new features in CA Enterprise Log Manager r12.5 or implementing the solution, our CA Services experts can help. For more information on CA Services and how you can leverage our expertise, please call 800-225-5224 (North America) or +1 303-262-8300 (International).

To review our Technical Support Lifecycle Policy, Please visit:

Thank you again for your business.