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CA Spectrum Device Certification Packs r10.0.1, r10.1.2 and r10.2.1
General Availability Announcement

Date:  July 12, 2017

CA Technologies is pleased to announce General Availability (GA) of the CA Spectrum® Device Certification Packs for the supported base GA releases r10.0.1, r10.1.2 and r10.2.1.

These new Device Certification Packs are cumulative patch that consist of new and updated simple device certifications based on user requirements. Earlier the device certifications were delivered along with the new releases of CA Spectrum and users had to wait until the latest GA release. With our new initiative now users can leverage the benefits of newly certified devices on their current install base without upgrading to the latest GA release.

It is strongly recommended that you refer to the Release Notes available with the Device Certification Pack to understand and be aware of any specific requirements that might be applicable to your environment. If you have any related questions or need clarifications for specifics called out in the Device Certification Pack document, please contact your local support team.  We’ve also created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to help proactively answer your questions. 

Updates included in CA Spectrum® Device Certification Packs

Each Device Certification Pack has its own Release Note, here you can review a list of the newly certified devices. Each also include these major components:

  • The xml files which contain Spectrum modeling database changes for the certifications which are imported into the Spectrum modeling database via Model Type Editor.
  • A script is included and will need to be run after installing the pack.
  • New Trap support, AlertMAP, EventDisp, Pcause and EventFormat files.
  • Event Table files.
  • Jar files for OneClick views.

Where to obtain CA Spectrum® Device Certification Packs

The CA Spectrum® Device Certification Packs (the self-extracting install files for each of the supported operating systems) and associated Software Release Notice, checksums and FAQ docs can be obtained from the CA Spectrum® Product Page and its Solutions & Patches index.


Additional Information

CA Technical Support Lifecycle and CA Spectrum Fix Strategy Documents

To review our CA Technical Support Lifecycle policy, please visit: CA Support Policy and Terms

To review the CA Spectrum Release and Fix Strategy document, please visit: CA Support Fix Strategy

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