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CA PPM 14.3 Documentation
General Availability Announcement

Date: September 25, 2015

On behalf of the CA PPM writers at CA Technologies, we are pleased to announce that the CA PPM 14.3 On Premise and SaaS documentation is available. The documentation is updated to reflect all of the new and enhanced features. In addition, the following documentation improvements are available:

Online Help

New cloud-based documentation (, available in 8 languages (Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish) replaces the traditional static bookshelf help. You can continue to click the Help link from the product user interface. The resulting documentation takes the following factors into account before showing the best matching help page:

  • the current release of your product
  • the current environment (SaaS or On-Premise)
  • the current language setting that you set for the software
  • the current page that you are viewing

When documentation is not available in the language that matches the user interface, the English edition appears. For example, the CA PPM Studio Development content only appears in English.

Note: The software continues to appear in your choice of 20 languages; however, the documentation is available only in the previously-mentioned localized editions. Translating to fewer languages enables us to offer more translated content in each available language.

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