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CA Clarity PPM On Premise DocOps Platform
General Availability Announcement

Date: March 25, 2015

Announcing the CA Clarity PPM On Premise DocOps Platform is live and generally available on The CA Clarity PPM DocOps Platform is your one-stop-shop and portal for all things CA Clarity PPM!

  • Find content quickly with intuitive search.
  • Access up-to-date information on mobile devices.
  • View new articles on the CA Clarity PPM Cookbook.
  • Export content to PDF and EPUB.
  • Rate or comment on any article.
  • Provide us with feedback.
  • Easily connect and collaborate with your Community.
  • Be social and learn using PPM-related YouTube videos, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and BrightTALK.
  • Learn about suggested Education Offerings to get the most out of your CA Clarity PPM investment.
  • Discover valuable content such as knowledge base articles, known defects, a JasperSoft FAQ, Oracle and SQL Server performance whitepapers, release and support announcements, service pack information, the solution pack, and much more...

Use the DocOps platform as your "go-to" resource for the CA Clarity PPM documentation. Let us know what you think and leave a comment.

Note: The CA Clarity PPM On Demand DocOps Platform will be available soon with the Service Availability of CA Clarity PPM 14.2 On Demand. Stay tuned for an announcement.