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Arcserve Transition Alert!

Dear Customers,

As CA and Arcserve continue the transition, please be aware of the change in how to request technical support effective March 1, 2015.

  • If you have remained a CA Technologies customer and received a communication recently from CA (English language copy here), please log your ARCserve®* issues via CA Customer care or online at
  • If you've become an Arcserve customer, please log your ARCserve®* issues by going to
  • If you don't know which category you fall into, please contact Sean Markley.

*CA ARCserve® Backup; CA ARCserve® D2D; CA ARCserve® D2D for Linux; CA ARCserve® Central Applications; CA ARCserve® Replication and High Availability; CA XOsoft Replication and CA XOsoft High Availability; CA ARCserve® UDP; and CA ARCserve® Instant Recovery on Demand.