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CA Client Automation
Updated Process Change to the Software Signature Creation

Date: June 09, 2014

In our continuous focus to improve the signature creation process, the Client Automation/ITCM team has implemented a change in the process used to submit requests for the creation of software signatures.

Current process:

  • Customer uses Lightscan utility.
  • Customer fills out the signature request form, which creates an issue to which the user attaches the output of Lightscan to CA.
  • CA Content Team researches and creates software signature within 72 hours and updates Content Server with new signature.
  • Customer's ITCM infrastructure connects to CA Content Server and downloads new software signature content automatically.
  • Software signature content gets distributed throughout the customer's environment automatically via ITCM infrastructure.

New process:

  • A free web based training video is available: CA Client Automation: Advanced Signature Software Creation 200.
  • CA has published a document of CA supported signatures by vendor. This document contains the software titles and vendors for which the CA Content Team will actively monitor for new releases and proactively publish the signatures to detect new versions.
  • CA has provided an updated utility for customers to easily upload their custom signatures into the infrastructure for use on the agent.
  • Signature templates from simple to complex are provided along with detailed documentation on how to create a signature. The documents are available with the new utility download.
  • There will be no need to run or interrogate Lightscans for the necessary data elements. Simply access a system where the product is installed, and identify the components of the signatures (e.g.: registry and files).
  • The CA Content Team can answer and address questions regarding software signature creation.
  • CA will periodically review supported software signatures by vendor.

This new process removes the reliance on the CA Content team to provide signatures you request and allows you to more quickly start detecting new versions of software in your environment.

The following patches are available for download, and contain the new utility and detailed documentation:

Release RO number
R 12.5 SP1 RO70375
R12.5 SP1 C1 RO70376
R12.8 RO70377
R12. 8 FP1 RO70378


You are encouraged to start using the new process immediately. The former process of submitting a Lightscan output to CA Content Team has been discontinued.

For more information on the new custom signature creation process, please access the documentation provided with the new patches applicable to CA Client Automation version installed in your network.