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Technical Advisory:
CA Arcot A-OK for WebFort

Date: September 13, 2013

Dear CA Arcot A-OK for WebFort Customer:

On Wednesday, September 11, we discovered a unique interaction between our existing ArcotIDĀ© Flash Client, Microsoft IE, and Adobe Flash. This interaction resulted in an end user experience (reload/refresh issues) during login failure for some portion of end users that had this exact combination of product versions. CA and Adobe worked together to resolve the issue. The fix was released this morning U.S. time on the Adobe site as Flash Player version 11.8.800.174.

Applies to:

  • CA Arcot A-OK for WebFort, where authentication is using the ArcotID PKI Flash Client. Customers who do not use the Flash client are not affected.
  • End users who use Internet Explorer 8 and Flash Player 11.8.800.168, which was released on September 10, 2013.


On September 10, Adobe released a Flash Player update, version 11.8.800.168. For end users who use Internet Explorer 8 and who have auto-update of the Flash Player enabled, the end user is prompted by Adobe to upgrade. After this upgrade the end user may see a blank page if the login/sign-in page (examples: refreshing the login page and roaming workflow). This is manifested on IE 8 only. Other browsers such as Chrome, FireFox and Safari, and other versions of IE such as IE 7, 9 and 10, and combinations with other versions of Flash continue to function properly.


End user sees a blank page if they refreshed/reloaded the login page.


Adobe has released version 11.8.800.174 and we have verified that this resolves the end user's login experience if reload/refresh is attempted.

You should advise end users who contact your customer support to upgrade their Flash Player.

  1. Instruct them to go to to check their Flash Player version.
  2. If they are running 11.8.800.168 then instruct them to visit the Player Download Center and update to the latest version.


  • September 12, Adobe stopped their auto-update process to prevent the problem from spreading further.
  • September 13, Adobe released version 11.8.800.174 and we have verified that this resolves the end user's problem.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this event. If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support, phone at 1-800-CALL-CAI (225-5224). Outside of the U.S., please contact us through your normal Support phone number available in our CA Support Directory by Country.

CA Support