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CA ARCserve D2D for Linux r16.5
General Availability Announcement

Date: July 15, 2013
To: CA ARCserve Customers
From: The CA Technologies Data Management Product Team
Subject: General Availability Announcement for CA ARCserve D2D for Linux r16.5

On behalf of CA Technologies, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide high-quality, innovative software and services. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we regularly release new and updated versions of our products. Today, we are pleased to announce that CA ARCserve D2D for Linux r16.5 is now available. This new release adds Linux platform support to the CA ARCserve D2D product line.

CA ARCserve D2D for Linux is an image-based backup solution that speeds and simplifies protecting and recovering your physical and virtual Linux server systems and data. Full and block-level incremental image-based backup help you address ever-shortening backup windows and hardware-independent Bare Metal Restore helps you speed system recovery.

Some of the key features included are:

  • BLOCK LEVEL INCREMENTAL BACKUP Use less storage space, perform fast backup and put less of a load on your production servers.
  • PROTECTION FOR VIRTUAL SERVERS Reduce training time and cost, and simplify operations with a single solution to protect Linux VMs running on VMware along with your physical Linux servers.
  • SINGLE SNAPSHOT BACKUP WITH GRANULAR RECOVERY Speed data recovery with file, folder and volume-level granular restore from any image recovery point.
  • POINT-IN-TIME BACKUP VIEW Provides a full point-in-time view of the backup disk with file and folder search for rapid recovery.
  • HARDDWARE-INDEPENDENT BARE METAL RECOVERY (BMR) Offers a very fast way to recover a crashed server to the same or dissimilar hardware. Use IP address or MAC address for flexibility.
  • MILITARY-GRADE ENCRYPTON Helps secure your backup data.
  • COMPRESSION Helps reduce storage requirements and costs.
  • NEAR-AGENTLESS BACKUPS: Totally eliminates the arduous task of having to manually install agents on 'each and every' server
  • SUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEMS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x and 6.x; CentOS 5.x and 6.x

Note: CA ARCserve D2D for Linux may be used along with CA ARCserve D2D for Windows in heterogeneous IT environments, but each product offers its own central management and reporting consoles.

We encourage you to visit the CA ARCserve D2D for Linux product information page for more information. You can download a trial copy of CA ARCserve D2D for Linux r16.5 from the CA ARCserve website

If you are under maintenance and own any of the below SKUs, you are entitled to CA ARCserve D2D for Linux. Please contact the CA Total Licensing Care (TLC) team to get a free license of CA ARCserve D2D for Linux for each copy of the below SKUs.

  • CA ARCserve RPO RTO Managed Capacity - All Inclusive*
  • CA ARCserve RPO Managed Capacity - ARCserve Backup and ARCserve D2D and ARCserve Replication-File Only*
  • CA ARCserve RPO RTO Per Socket*
  • CA ARCserve RPO Per Socket*
  • CA ARCserve Backup for Windows File Server Module with D2D and Replication
  • CA ARCserve Backup for Windows Database Module with D2D and Replication
  • CA ARCserve Backup for Windows Email Module with D2D and Replication
  • CA ARCserve Backup for Windows Application Module with D2D and Replication
  • CA ARCserve D2D for Windows Server Advanced Virtual Edition per Host License*
  • CA ARCserve Central Host-Based VM Backup with D2D Windows Server Advanced Edition*

*You would receive unlimited copies of CA ARCserve D2D for Linux for use on per socket, per host or per terabyte protected.

If you have any questions or require assistance contact CA Customer Care online at where you can submit an online request using the Customer Care web form:

You can also call CA Customer Care at +1-800-225-5224 in North America or see for the local number in your country.

Should you need any assistance in understanding these new features, or implementing this latest release, our CA Services experts can help. For more information on CA Services and how you can leverage our expertise, please visit

To connect, learn and share with other customers, join and participate in our ARCserve CA Community at

To review CA Support lifecycle policies, please review the CA Support Policy and Terms located at:

Thank you again for your business.