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Welcome to CA Support Online - CA PGTI

Welcome to CA Technologies. We are very excited about our new merger and the opportunities it will bring for our existing and prospective customers. CA Technologies has completed the process of transitioning your Support related services to CA Support Online. Please read the following important information about changes to your support services and how to continue to work with the CA Technologies Support team.

What is changing?

  • Online Support Contact Information: Paragon Global Technology (PGTI) support via phone and email has been retired and replaced by CA Support Online, which lets you open, update, and review your issues 24x7.

  • Phone Support: All inbound calls will come through the local CA Technologies country number or the North America number, 1 800 225 5224, including calls for after-hours support.

  • Licensing Keys: The responsibility of managing PGTI license keys will change over to the CA Licensing Team in October, 2012. Requests for new software license keys will be created by the CA Licensing team. Locate your CA Licensing Team contact information in the CA Technologies Support Phone Directory.

What do I need to know?

  • When contacting CA Support, please reference your CA Site ID (a unique identifier for your organization or for a specific location within your organization). Your CA Site ID has been sent to you via email communication.

  • The support functions that are available to you from CA Support Online include case management and product home pages that provide access to:

    • Product documentation
    • Electronic software downloads
    • Product issue management
    • CA compatibilities
    • Product news
    • License Keys

  • Your product maintenance entitlement information has been transferred to CA Support Online and associated with your CA Site ID(s). The CA Site ID represents the location where your CA Workload Automation AE product was installed.

    • Site ID: When you sign on to CA Support Online, your default login CA Site ID will be displayed in the Site ID field located in the banner at the top of the page. Other CA Site IDs for which you are authorized will be listed in the Site ID drop-down, which allows you to easily change to those sites. You can change your default login Site ID by selecting My Account in the banner and then the Personal Profile tab.
    • Entitlements: Product maintenance entitlement information will be shown for all CA products that are associated with the current CA Site ID on the tab of the My Account section of CA Support Online. Use the My Product List tab to limit your view of CA products to the products you access most frequently.

  • Here are direct links to your CA product pages on CA Support Online:

  • Here is the direct link to your CA Community site: CA Workload Automation Distributed Global User Community

    CA Workload Automation iDash and CA Workload Automation iXp have been added to this community so you can take part in conversations about your products. To access the message boards and forums, first create your CA Support Online account profile as instructed above, if necessary, and log in to CA Support Online. Click the MyCA link in the top banner to create and view your MyCA profile.

  • For more information, you can also see the CA Workload Automation iDash and CA Workload Automation iXp product pages on

What if I have additional questions about CA Support Online?

CA Customer Care is always available to assist you, but here are some helpful links for more information about CA Support Online: