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Unicenter Software Delivery
Amendment to third party database support

To: All Unicenter Software Delivery Customers
From: The CA Unicenter Software Delivery Product Team
Subject: Amendment to third party database support
Date: December 01, 2007

CA is continually working to refine our software and services to best meet the needs of our customers. The purpose of this communication is to inform you about changes in third party database support for Unicenter Software Delivery In November of 2005 CA divested the Ingres product line to a newly formed Ingres Corporation. Recently Ingres Corporation introduced a new release of Ingres into the market-place. As such they have now announced arrangements for discontinuing support for Ingres releases 2.5 and r3. Information regarding this announcement was previously communicated to all our customers and is available on our support site at:

Currently Unicenter Software Delivery supports an embedded copy of Ingres provided as part of the installation packaging. Due to Ingres Corporation's decision to discontinue support for these Ingres releases, we have taken this opportunity to assess our existing and future use of embedded Ingres. Based upon this analysis and feedback from our customers we have elected to remove support for Ingres in Unicenter Software Delivery as of December 31, 2008. This change affects all current and planned Unicenter Software Delivery releases starting with 11.1 but does not alter any formerly announced support expiration dates.

Not all Unicenter Software Delivery customers will be impacted by this amendment to our database support. If you have not deployed embedded Ingres this announcement does not affect you.

Those customers who are using embedded Ingres should immediately begin making plans to migrate to another supported database. Currently Unicenter Software Delivery supports the following databases:

Microsoft SQL 2005

To help minimize the impact to CA customers who are using embedded Ingres, resources have been made available to assist you with your database migration:

  • The CA technical support team is ready to assist you. A technical document is in preparation describing how to migrate to another supported database platform. This will be made available on our technical support site.

  • If you do not have resident database or product knowledge available, you can optionally seek assistance from CA technical services. For more information on engaging CA technical services please visit:

If you have additional questions regarding this announcement, our Technical Support team is available at

We look forward to continuing our partnership with you. Your success is very important to us.