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Service Pack 2b Update Announcement

Computer Associates is pleased to announce the release of AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler, AllFusion Process Modeler, and AllFusion Model Manager Service Pack 2b. These important updates address a small number of issues reported by customers after the initial release of Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 2a. Although not affecting all customers, we believe it best to make these updates available to you now, in order to minimize any potential problems.

The specific problems that have been addressed are:


Opening the attribute editor for an entity that contains unified attributes (Attribute migrated from at least two entities having the same name in the child table, which can also be the result of rolenaming the attribute in a relationship), will cause inconsistency in the model when clicking OK in the editor.

The link to the parent attribute for the hidden attributes will be changed so that all the unified attributes will point to the same parent attribute and relationship. This will be seen by the loss of a rolename if one existed and the inability to create a rolename for the attribute in the relationship. Also what may be seen is a loss of foreign key indexes or members in a foreign key index, where the attribute was involved.

The Foreign Key Migration diagnostic will detect this situation but does not recover the rolenames or foreign key attribute names.

The same occurs for columns in the physical model.

The diagnostic procedure has been modified to remove the inconsistent foreign keys and migrate and recreate the missing foreign key attributes. In this process, the following items will not be recoverable:

  • Any overridden properties in the recovered FKs. If there were UDPs or other overridden properties on the FKs before they were rolenamed for unification those properties will be lost.
  • Any customization of the index member position applied before the recovery.
  • In the cases where rolenames are used in order to get unification, column orders of the FKs before they were rolenamed will not be recovered.


Various problems occur with the displaying of unified attributes on the diagram display. These problems will affect only the display of the model and forward engineering, where duplicate or missing columns may exist.

Display problems arise concerning unified attributes where they may multiply on the physical side causing duplicate columns in a table.

Columns may not appear on the physical side for unified attributes that have one of the relationships turned logical only.

After conversion of a ModelMart database to AllFusion Model Manager 4.1, the preference option to display foreign keys migrated via logical only relationships on the physical model is not retained when opening the model in AllFusion ERwin DM 4.1 from Model Manager. This is inconsistent with opening a 3.5.2 ER1 file in AllFusion ERwin DM 4.1.

Display problems occur for foreign keys in grandchildren tables when turning on and off the preference option to display foreign keys migrated via logical relationships in the physical model.

The foreign key may not appear on the logical side for physical-only relationships even after overriding the display flag.

Display problems with foreign keys migrated via a logical-only entity.


The deletion of some relationships by the Foreign Key Migration diagnostic may leave dangling Foreign Keys behind in the child table.


Opening a model previously saved to XML or Model Manager that contains a Model, Stored Display, or Subject Area type UDP definition may result in a "Missing Required Property" error.

If you are currently using Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 2a for any of these products, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to Service Pack 2b.

In order to check your models for any problems that may or may not have occurred, we recommend you turn on the AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler Diagnostics. To activate the diagnostics feature, from the Tools menu, select Diagnostics, then select both the FK Migration Check and the File Open check boxes.

If you are an AllFusion Model Manager customer, have already completed a Model Manager Update using AllFusion Model Manager 4.1 SP2 or Service Pack 2a, you will need to Update your Model Manager to Service Pack 2b.

The AllFusion Model Manager 4.1 SP2b Update will simply update the internal product version number of your mart to be consistent with that of the other SP2b products. This will enable both AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler and AllFusion Process Modeler to connect and work properly with AllFusion Model Manager. If you do not run the Update using AllFusion Model Manager 4.1 SP2b, internal product version checking will not allow you to connect to your Model Manager with AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler or AllFusion Process Modeler 4.1 SP2b.

The only product change this Model Manager Update makes to your existing 4.1 SP2 or SP2a Model Manager is an update to the internal version number. Therefore, all results based on your previous 4.1 SP2 or SP2a acceptance testing and model reviews are still valid. You can simply apply this change and continue moving forward with your work. Of course, if this is applied to a version prior to 4.1 SP2, e.g. 4.1 GA or SP1, it will actually upgrade the Model Manager.

If you require any additional insight regarding this process or this service pack, we encourage you to contact our Technical Support staff either via phone or online via STAR TCC.

For the Service Pack 2b ReadMe, Solutions List, and download link, click here.