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CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server 3.0
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June 23, 2003

Dear Valued Customer:

At Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA), we are continually improving our software and services to best meet our customers' changing needs and are pleased to announce the General Availability (GA) of CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server (PAS) 3.0.

The CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server (PAS) focuses on your needs for:
  • Text clustering - To group and analyze unstructured content, so that it can be automatically delivered to the most appropriate recipients. For example, monitoring e-mails and automatically creating clusters will place relevant content in the appropriate mailboxes, and create mailboxes automatically as needed.
  • Optimization - Analyses patterns to identify the most effective series of parameters to achieve a desired outcome. This can be used to manage a process control environment where there is a wide range of variables. Using a patented Guided Evolutionary Simulated Annealing (GESA) technology, the decision is made as to the required end-value, and GESA effectively optimizes the outcome of the modelling process.
  • Value Prediction - Providing employees and the organisation's partners with estimates of likely outcomes of specific state changes. Examples of use are in financial risk management or inventory control.
  • Clustering - The automatic classification of numerical data, or identification of clients with similar profiles. This is particularly suitable in applications such as the prediction of buying patterns of customers and fraud detection/money laundering.
  • Event prediction - Classifies events and transition rules to predict changes in conditions.
  • Decision trees - The ability to creates a tree-shaped representation of relationships between data, and highlighting segments with different attributes.
  • Business Rules Generation - Automatically discovering business rules from the data analysed, without the need for a domain expert. Rules can be passed directly to the complementary CleverPath Aion Business Rules Expert (BRE) package.

For general release information, please refer to the Release Summary on the installation CD. For additional information on these and other enhancements please visit

In North America, you can obtain your copy of CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server by calling 1-800-841-8743 or contacting your local account representative or reseller. If you are outside of North America, please call your local CA office or distributor. Contact information is listed on the CA web site at


Lisa Ong
Computer Associates International, Inc.
CleverPath Product Manager