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CleverPath OLAP Release 5.1 is now Available

February 12, 2003

Dear Valued CleverPath OLAP Customer:

The CleverPath OLAP team is pleased to announce the General Availability (GA) of CleverPath OLAP release 5.1 (formerly known as InfoBeacon). We enthusiastically recommend the adoption of this new version so that your business may enjoy the smoothest possible operation.

Computer Associates is proud of our ongoing product development, customer support, and maintenance programs. As part of these programs, we regularly release updated versions of our products.

This maintenance release contains many useful software updates and improved product deployment capabilities. For a comprehensive listing of the features and benefits available in CleverPath OLAP 5.1, please refer to the Readme and Release Summary documents available on CA Support Online.

Customers already running CleverPath OLAP 5.0 can easily take advantage of CleverPath OLAP 5.1 without having to make any expensive metadata or database changes. Customers who are running InfoBeacon release 4.0.x should review the migration topics in chapter 3 of the Release Summary before starting the upgrade. The CleverPath OLAP 5.1 installation streamlines the migration process.

When you are ready to request your upgrade or to obtain more information about CleverPath OLAP, in North America, please call 1-800-841-8743. If you are an international client, please call your local CA office.

For additional information about CleverPath OLAP or to learn more about the solutions that comprise CA's CleverPath brand, be sure to visit CleverPath "Information in Action" or our corporate home page,


Kelly Roney
Computer Associates International, Inc.
CleverPath OLAP Level 2 Support Manager