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CleverPath OLAP Release 5.0 is now Available

April 15, 2002

Dear Valued CleverPath OLAP Customer:

Computer Associates is proud of our ongoing product development, customer support and maintenance programs. As part of these programs, we regularly release updated versions of our products. In addition, we recently announced CleverPath, a new brand for our industry-leading line of Portal and Business Intelligence Solutions.

The CleverPath OLAP team is pleased to announce the General Availability (GA) of CleverPath OLAP version 5.0 (formerly known as DecisionBase OLAP Server and PLATINUM InfoBeacon). This new version contains more functionality and more valuable features. We enthusiastically recommend the adoption of this new version so your business may enjoy the enhancements. This version includes a significant number of product improvements that are detailed in the Release Summary file. Some key enhancements include:
  • A new and improved Metadata Administration tool featuring:
  • Wizards for simplified cube and dimension definition.
  • Direct import of data source definitions through ODBC (no more import scripts).
  • Simple administration of remote servers (without mapping network drives).
  • Easy switching between multiple cubesets (ADF files).
  • Easy switching between local and remote metadata administration.
  • No need for mapped drives. The Application Server will serve metadata and browse-file information without the client program accessing them directly. This can have performance improvements in many situations. (Mapped files are still supported for backward compatibility and for distributed copies of the browse files.)
  • Shared Dimensions, which can be defined once but used in multiple cubes.
  • Remote browse file maintenance. The Maintenance Interface can be run against remote metadata without the need for direct access to browse files via mapped drives.
  • Windows NT security. If a user is defined to use Operating System Security, the authentication is done by the operating system and an additional login for CleverPath OLAP is not needed.
  • The installation is now delivered as a single installation program that allows selection of desired components.
  • CleverPath Portal integration. Dynamic analyses can be published to the CleverPath Portal and executed within the Portal. All clients on active maintenance may request this version from your CA Representative or call 800-841-8743. When you receive your installation package, please be sure to carefully review the README file and the Release Summary file that are distributed with this release. These files cover specific product changes and provide advice for upgrading the product and samples.

    If you are an international client, please call your local CA office. In addition, be sure to check out for additional information about CleverPath OLAP and other solutions in our CleverPath Portal and Business Intelligence brand.


    John Ulery
    Computer Associates International, Inc.
    CleverPath OLAP Product Manager