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CleverPath Forest & Trees 7.0 is Generally Available (GA)

Last Updated: July 25, 2003

At Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA), we are always searching for ways to improve our software and services to best meet our customers' changing needs. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the General Availability (GA) of CleverPath Forest & Trees 7.0. This release introduces several new interfaces and visualization options to better support development and deployment of dashboard content. We enthusiastically recommend the installation of this release so your business may enjoy these enhancements.

In addition to maintenance issues, CleverPath Forest & Trees 7.0 includes the following major enhancements:

  • Additional Chart view type - Expanded CleverPath Forest & Trees graphing options, with charts that support a scrollable x-Axis, floating reference marker for comparing charted values, and use of view attributes for setting chart colors and fonts.

  • New MDX interface - Ability to write multidimensional expressions against SQL Server 7 OLAP data sources.

  • New Cube view type - Enables query and drill through multidimensional data without having to write MDX queries.

  • New XML-OSP interface - Supports SQL SELECT statements against XML documents accessible with the Microsoft OLE DB Simple Provider.

  • New XMLDOMDoc and XMLDOMNode scripting objects - Ability to write CleverPath Forest & Trees formulas that read/write unstructured XML documents.

  • New XML-ADO export format - Ability to export CleverPath Forest & Trees view and query results to XML documents via Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects.

  • New CleverPath PortalUserInfo scripting object - Enables a view file to get the current Portal user's login information when the view is published and opened from within CleverPath Portal.

  • New CleverPath Portal Forest &Trees Content Handler - When registered in a CleverPath Portal, the handler can be used to automatically install the CleverPath Forest & Trees Runtime if it is not present on the client machine.

  • Enhanced programmatic interaction with the CleverPath Forest & Trees Runtime Option ActiveX control - Enables script on web pages to direct embedded CleverPath Forest & Trees applications to perform tasks (intra-portlet), and for these applications to raise an event that can be captured and processed by script on the web page.

  • New OLE DB interface - Allows you to write SQL statements against OLE DB data sources.

  • Enhanced MS Remote Data Service interface - This updated version of the interface supports asynchronous mode so that executing queries can be cancelled before completion.

For details about these and other enhancements, see the Release Summary on the installation CD and the What's New topic in the CleverPath Forest & Trees 7.0 online help system. The Release Summary also covers upgrade issues. For information on fixes for customer-reported issues and known problems, see the Readme.html file.

In North America, you can obtain your copy of CleverPath Forest & Trees 7.0 by calling 1-800-841-8743 or contacting your local account representative or reseller. If you are outside of North America, please call your local CA office. Contact information is listed on the CA web site at With Computer Associates software, you can rest assured you have made a solid investment.