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CleverPath Forest & Trees Release 6.51
is now Available

Dear Valued Client:

At Computer Associates, we are always searching for ways to improve our software and services to best meet our customers' changing needs. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the General Availability (GA) of CleverPathâ„¢ Forest & Trees® 6.51 (F&T). This release introduces EIS content to the CleverPath solutions as well as adds several improvements to F&T itself. We enthusiastically recommend the installation of this release so your business may enjoy these enhancements.

Besides software fixes, CleverPath Forest & Trees 6.51 has many new features in the following categories:

  • CleverPath Portal Integration - F&T now allows you to publish to and get information from a CleverPath Portal. You can publish a single file or an entire F&T application consisting of a view file and any constituent files-for example, images, sounds, data, text for multilingual support, and so on. The Publisher also allows you to specify additional content properties such as permissions, content type, and expiration. Specific Portal integration features include:

  • Interactive Publishing - The ability to publish the currently open F&T application, or selected files of any type, directly to a CleverPath Portal from the F&T Developer, using dialogs that are modeled after the Portal publishing screens.

  • Programmatic Publishing - CleverPath Portal scripting objects that enable an F&T application to programmatically publish, list, modify and delete CleverPath Portal library content.

  • Portal Statistics Interface - A SQL interface that uses the CleverPath Portal XML API to enable you to query information about Portal libraries, channels, users, and workgroups just like a relational database.

  • National Language Calendar Add-In - F&T can now display date and time names (month, day, etc.) in the language associated with the user's locale.

  • Locale Substitutions - A new type of substitution can be defined to return different values depending on the user's current locale. Locale substitutions make it easy for F&T application builders to develop a user interface that supports multiple languages.

    Note that the National Language Calendar Add-In and Locale Substitutions expand upon the global deployment features and multibyte character support introduced with CleverPath Forest & Trees 6.50.

    For details about these and other enhancements, see the Release Summary on the installation CD and the What's New topic in the CleverPath Forest & Trees 6.51 online help system. The Release Summary also covers upgrade issues. For information on fixes for customer-reported issues and known problems, see the Readme.html file.

    In North America, you can obtain your copy of CleverPath Forest & Trees 6.51 by calling 1-800-841-8743 or contacting your local account representative or reseller. If you are outside of North America, please call your local CA office. Contact information is listed on the CA web site at
    With Computer Associates software, you can rest assured you have made a solid investment.


    John Ulery
    Computer Associates International, Inc.
    CleverPath Forest & Trees Product Manager