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CleverPath EUREKA:Reporter 7.0 Cumulative Patch for Service Pack 11
is now Available

Dear Valued Customer,

A cumulative support patch for CleverPath EUREKA:Reporter 7.0.011 is now available. This patch includes a number of fixes that have been made available since the release of the Service Pack 11. This patch is explicitly designed to address the following known StarTCC problems:

  • RPTSVR315 - When a report includes a crosstab object is sent to a comma-separated file (CSV), the resulting CSV file can be difficult to read.
  • RPTSVR343 - Columns can get mis-ordered on occasional rows in both CSV and Excel file formats.

  • RPTSVR345 - Report Server may hang when a long report attempts to run using Excel version 5.0 format.

  • RPTSVR350 - Date fields appear to be one day later than they should be for leap years.

  • RPTSVR355 - International locale systems truncate at the decimal point or round down numbers when the locale specifies a comma as the decimal separator.

All CleverPath EUREKA:Reporter customers who use the Microsoft Excel and CSV interfaces are advised to apply this patch. Note, you must have already applied Service Pack 11 to take advantage of this patch. Please click here to download this patch.

As the leading provider of Business Intelligence solutions, it is our privilege to work with you to ensure CleverPath EUREKA:Reporter continues to meet your Knowledge Management and Enterprise Reporting needs. If you have any questions on this release, please contact the technical support group in North America at 877-584-7267. If you are outside of North America, please call your local account representative or the local CA office.


Bernard Steinberger
Level 2 Support Manager