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CleverPath Enterprise Content Manager Stabilization of Support Letter

December 18, 2002

Dear Valued Client:

Computer Associates is committed to providing the best software solutions to our clients. As such, we continually evaluate markets and our products to determine strategic direction. Market forecasters, industry analysts and CA recognize a trend leading to the rapid convergence of content management, collaborative and portal technologies, with portal being the center of this convergence. Furthermore, there is a trend leading to the integration of all these discrete technologies in an overall information delivery infrastructure. CleverPath is in a strong position to lead this emerging information delivery market. In this market, managing content is so important and integral to information delivery that it must be integrated into the overall infrastructure. To exploit these trends, CA is incorporating CleverPath ECM's capabilities to manage content directly in the CleverPath infrastructure and making them available with CleverPath Portal in 2003.

To most effectively focus resources on efforts leading to CleverPath dominating this new market, while maximizing benefits to our customers and shareholders, CleverPath ECM will be functionally stabilized at version 3.5 effective immediately. Functionally stabilizing CleverPath ECM means that the product will no longer be enhanced and that maintenance and support will continue through the end of your current maintenance contract or June 15, 2004, whichever comes first. CleverPath ECM maintenance contracts extending beyond this date will be credited towards and extend existing maintenance contracts for CleverPath Portal.

The availability or need for a conversion process is undetermined at this time. CA's intent is to preserve the various versions of an asset along with its history. Customizations made to CleverPath ECM may impact your ability to make use of a conversion process should such a facility be provided. In addition, customizations will not be preserved and thus you will have to recreate them in the new solution. CA will work with you to assess your current situation, your future content management needs, and assist in developing a plan to ensure a smooth transition.

Please contact your Computer Associates Client Service Representative with any questions.


G. Allen Houpt
DVP CleverPath Product Management
Computer Associates