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CleverPath Collaboration Option
General Availability Announcement

October 27, 2003

Dear Valued Customer:

We are pleased to announce the General Availability (GA) of an exciting new real-time collaboration offering for CleverPath Portal. The CleverPath Collaboration Option and CleverPath Advanced Collaboration Option provide real-time collaboration services enabling organization-wide communication and collaboration directly within CleverPath Portal. Capabilities include secure instant messaging, multi-party chat, user awareness, co-browsing and audio and video conferencing.

The CleverPath Collaboration Options facilitate communicating, planning, sharing, coordinating, and exchanging information, ideas, data and relevant knowledge across networks of employees, partners, customers and suppliers. It offers unique benefits helping increasingly geographically dispersed users work together more effectively.

Key Features of the CleverPath Collaboration Option include:

  • Secure instant messaging (IM), chat and user awareness integrated with CleverPath Portal.
  • Contextual collaboration based on portal workplaces or ad-hoc meetings.
  • Secure organization-wide communication and interaction.
  • Shared access to web-based content and applications through web co-browsing.
  • Comprehensive, scalable multi-party audio and video conferencing.

Key Business Benefits of the CleverPath Collaboration Option:

  • Enables users to work together more effectively, regardless of geography.
  • Gives users instant access to the right information and people needed to make critical decisions more effectively and efficiently.
  • Reduces communication costs by eliminating unnecessary travel and third-party communication services.
  • Provides contextual collaboration capabilities in conjunction with relevant knowledge, information, data and applications directly supporting business processes.

For additional information on the new CleverPath Collaboration Options and other CleverPath "Information in Action" solutions, please visit or contact your CA Account Representative.


CleverPath Product Management
Computer Associates International, Inc.