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Announcing changes to physical shipment of
Enterprise Report Management R11.6 products

Driven by the industry wide acceptance of the Tape less ESD/PAX installation format, release 11.6 of the CA Enterprise Report Management suite of products will be phasing out physical delivery of the products on cartridges such as 3480s and 3490s in favor of digital versatile disks (DVDs).

The new z/OS DVDs for the CA Enterprise Report Management products contain an exact image of what would typically be produced if the product had been selected for electronic download. They include an easy to read readme file, and also a detailed instruction guide that steps through what is needed to upload a file from the product DVD to the mainframe for installation.

Why are we doing this now? CA Technologies like other software vendors will be phasing out delivery of products on tape media such as 3480s and 3490s. Instead, we will focus on delivering more current product downloads via the Internet, using technologies like our industry leading CA Mainframe Software Manager (CA MSM) services to download, install and deploy software, or via DVDs when physical media is required.

What if I can't support or upload files from DVDs to the mainframe? You will still have the option to call up and special request delivery of a specific product on a 3480, 3490 or similar media, but a slight processing delay should be anticipated for this special processing.

What CA Enterprise Report Management products will be phased to use DVDs? At this time, CA Deliver, CA View, CA Spool and CA Dispatch are the first products to start using this new delivery method.

Please contact your local CA Technologies Support Representative if you have any questions about these upcoming changes.