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Announcement for CA Automation Suite for Clouds 1.0

Date: June 2011

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing CA Technologies. CA Automation Suite for Clouds 1.0 is designed to automate the self-service delivery of Infrastructure (IaaS) application services. The solution set is targeted to Large Enterprises provisioning virtual machines on demand for software development and testing environments.

CA Automation Suite for Clouds 1.0 contains out of the box content, integrated prepackaged workflows. The solution which is comprised of CA Server Automation, CA Process Automation, CA Service Catalog, CA Configuration Automation, the solution content and Solution Guide - can be downloaded from CA Support Online. A "patch" update is required for Service Catalog 12.6 (Service Pack 1) and can be downloaded here.

CA Automation Suite for Clouds 1.0 marquee features include:

  • Self-service portal and service catalog and preconfigured, automated workflows and service definitions
  • Service metering and billing that supports fixed or usage-based pricing, a billing and financial reporting engine and integrated chargeback
  • Dynamic resource and workload management that supports shared, pooled resources that can be dynamically scaled
  • Flexible, on-demand provisioning - policy-based automation across physical, virtual and cloud environments, supports public, private, and hybrid cloud architectures, rapid server imaging

Need More Assistance?
Should you need any assistance in understanding these features, or implementing this release, our CA Services™ experts can help. For more information and how you can leverage CA Services™ expertise, please call 800-225-5224 (North America) or +1 303-262-8300 (International).

For the latest on CA solutions and services please visit Support Online at In addition, be sure to visit to learn about all of our innovative product lines.

We thank you for your continued support. With CA software, you can rest assured that you have made a solid investment in your business success.

Thank you again for your business.

The CA Automation Suite for Clouds Team