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Computer Associates International, Inc. is pleased to announce

AllFusion Modeling Suite 4.1.4, sp3
is Now Available

CA is pleased to announce the release of AllFusion Modeling Suite 4.1.4 Service Pack 3 (sp3). Included in the Suite are AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler, AllFusion Process Modeler, and AllFusion Model Manager, AllFusion Data Model Validator and AllFusion Model Navigator. This product release includes solutions to customer-related STAR issues. To read the detail for any or all of the solutions, review the ERwin 4.1.4 Service Pack 3 Solutions.txt file, which can be found in the Doc folder under the AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler program folder. Highlights of this service pack include:

  • Support for Table Locking and Identity Property for Columns in Teradata.

  • Enhanced Support in Complete Compare in the areas of:

    • Invalid differences in Complete Compare and Synch with Model Source.

    • Creating an ALTER statement instead of DROP/RECREATE statement in appropriate scenarios.

    • Link with Model Source and Validation Rule Compare and Matching.

  • Updates to Model Manager:

    • Enhanced Performance on Saves in Model Manager.

    • Disable version option in Model Manager libraries is now supported.

    • Sort by Model and Submodel lists in the Model Manager Open dialog.

    • Script utility to purge old model versions.

    • Options to control application of Subtype, Supertype, and Many to Many transforms for Automatic Model conversion from 3.x to 4.x.

  • Many maintenance items to continue to improve overall product quality.

Download your copy by visiting the AllFusion Modeling Suite Support web page on **preferred method**

  • Call the CA Orders Department at 1-800-637-5858.

  • Contact your local Customer Advocate.

For customers outside North America, please contact your local CA Support Center to determine general availability of this new maintenance release.

AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler
Tops code - ERWIN499000
Rel. 4.1.4 SP3
Gen Level 0505
AllFusion Data Model Validator
Tops code - ERWEXM05900
Rel. 4.1.4 SP3
Gen Level 0506
(Boxed product available in mid June.)
AllFusion Process Modeler
Tops code - BPWIN499000
Rel. 4.1.4 SP3
Gen Level 0505
AllFusion Model Navigator
Tops code - MDLNAV99000
Rel. 4.1.4 SP3
Gen Leve 0506
(Boxed product available in mid June.)
AllFusion Model Manager
Tops code - MDLMAR99000
Rel. 4.1.4 SP3
Gen Level 0505