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Computer Associates International, Inc. is pleased to announce

AllFusion Modeling Suite 4.1.4, sp2 is Now Available

CA is pleased to announce the release of AllFusion Modeling Suite 4.1.4 Service Pack 2 (sp2). Included in the Suite are AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler, AllFusion Process Modeler, and AllFusion Model Manager., Please note that we will release updated versions of AllFusion Data Model Validator and AllFusion Model Navigator shortly. This product release extends the usability and end-user support of our existing products based on market analysis and customer feedback. Additionally, this service pack builds upon the quality initiatives introduced in version 4.1.4 and incorporates new features and functionality that reflect improvement requests made by our customer base. Highlights of this service pack include:

AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler

  • Updated Database Support:
  • Progress 9.x
  • DB2 390 v8 (including long name support)
  • DB2 390 triggers
  • UDB 8.x column compress options
  • Dropped unsupported database
  • Improved Complete Compare Functionality:
  • UDP filters
  • Check Constraint syntax for SQL Server
  • Logical and physical name model-level comparisons
  • Generation of Rename DDL for nonkey Oracle columns
  • Reverse engineering of rolenames
  • Usability and UI Enhancements:
  • Physical-only model Naming Standards
  • Font strikeout added to the Font and Color Toolbar
  • Mouse over identification of entities and tables
  • IE notation updated to automatically reflect relationship nullability

AllFusion Model Manager Improvements:

  • Message that displays individual model counts when performing a Library Delete operation
  • Server-side diagnostics for handling "unnamed" Complete Compare / Forward Engineering report options
  • Certification for Oracle 10g hosting
  • Certification for Sybase 12.x hosting

When you are ready to receive the update to this release, you may choose one of the following methods of ordering:

  • Download your copy by visiting the AllFusion Modeling Suite Support web page on CA Support Online. **preferred method**
    Please note: Once customers login to CA Support Online they need to go under Product Home Page and select their licensed product. The Solution & Patches section houses the order form necessary to receive the product. Keep in mind the order form for SP2 will not be posted until the new inventory is in Distribution, 2-3 weeks after the Gold master date.
  • Call the CA Orders Department at 1-800-637-5858 (Boxed product available in November)
  • Contact your local Customer Advocate

For customers outside North America, please contact your local CA Support Center to determine general availability of this new maintenance release.

AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler
Tops code - ERWIN499000
Rel. 4.1.4 SP2
Gen Level 0410
AllFusion Data Model Validator
Tops code - ERWEXM05900
Rel. 4.1.4 SP2
(available in December)
AllFusion Process Modeler
Tops code - BPWIN499000
Rel. 4.1.4 SP2
Gen Level 0410
AllFusion Model Navigator
Tops code - MDLNAV99000
Rel. 4.1.4 SP2
(available in December)
AllFusion Model Manager
Tops code - MDLMAR99000
Rel. 4.1.4 SP2
Gen Level 0410