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AllFusion Gen
Product Support Announcement

May 25, 2006

To: AllFusion Gen Customers
From: The CA AllFusion Gen Product Team

Starting with AllFusion Gen r7.5, the underlying technology used for providing decimal precision math was changed. Applications generated with AllFusion Gen r7.5 will use less CPU resources compared to prior releases. The amount of improvement is application dependant. Applications with long complex expressions or extensive database access using Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or ODBC should show the most improvement.

Prior to AllFusion Gen 7.5 a 3rd party product was used to provide C decimal precision for our C generated applications. Our agreement with the vendor of the 3rd party product requires us to cease distribution of the 3rd party product after June 30, 2007. Therefore, as of that date we will no longer be able to ship AllFusion Gen 6.5 or AllFusion Gen r7. AllFusion Gen r7.5 is available and as always we recommend that customers upgrade to the latest available release of AllFusion Gen.

It is important to note that due to these distribution restrictions, we will also no longer be able to ship temporary patches or fixes that contain the aforementioned 3rd party products after June 30, 2007. The list of AllFusion Gen components that we will no longer be able to ship includes, but is not limited, to: the GUI runtime, C and COM proxy runtimes, C runtime libraries for Windows and Unix and the GUI trace facility. Please note that we may add to the list of components that we no longer ship as needed to comply with our agreement regarding the 3rd party product.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Hopefully your receipt of this message well in advance of the actual drop shipment date will allow you to plan your schedules accordingly.