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Welcome Letter for CA Agile Vision

CA Agile Vision is a new offering for planning, tracking, and managing projects that utilize agile methodologies. CA Agile Vision is a SaaS application built on the platform and based on best practices from CA and

CA Agile Vision provides customers the project, resource, financial and process management visibility to ensure that every initiative is delivered with the right quality, on time and on budget, regardless of whether an Agile or traditional waterfall project management approach is taken. Features include:

  • Product backlog enables easy and intuitive management of multiple sprints

  • Drag and drop capabilities for commonly executed user tasks, such as ranking the product backlog, planning sprints, and updating task status

  • Sprint burndown and velocity charts that can be viewed by team members or by all teams participating in the sprint

  • A virtual wall for managing sprint tasks

  • Internationalization enables customers to view Agile Vision in Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish

  • Integration with CA Clarity PPM to provide the first purpose-built agile planning solution integrated with a leading PPM solution (Enterprise Edition only)

    • CA Clarity PPM supported versions: CA Clarity On Demand Spring 2010, CA Clarity 12.0.6, and CA Clarity 12.0.6 On Demand

CA Agile Vision has already generated excitement from prospects, customers, and analysts alike.

  • 611 attendees previewed the product at CA World

  • 13 independent analysts from Gartner, Forrester, IDC have previewed the product and have been blown away. According to IDC, "CA has the credibility to deliver enterprise agility."

With Gartner projecting that Agile development methods will be utilized in 80% of all software development projects by 2012, we now have a unique opportunity to capitalize on this. We are the only PPM vendor to offer an agile planning tool built from the ground up specifically for that purpose. We're not configuring PPM to do agile planning. We're delivering great, proven functionality that will integrate with the world's best PPM solution.