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CA Allocate DASD Space and Placement r12
Product Announcement

To: CA Allocate Customers
From: The CA Allocate Product Team
Date: November, 2008

On behalf of the CA team, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide high-quality, innovative software and services. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we regularly release updated versions of our products.

We are pleased to announce that CA Allocate DASD Space and Replacement r12 SP0 is available.

The following are new features included with CA Allocate r12:

This improvement allows CA Allocate to be installed from a system linklist data set. A STEPLIB DD is no longer necessary.

Universal improvements were made in this release to improve processing time in several areas:

  • Optimized the process of determining the number of UCBs associated with a given UNIT.
  • Optimized the methodology of looking for DD names that have unique meaning to CA Allocate.
  • Optimized the hooks in the SMS subsystem calls so allocations are released sooner.
  • Removed STUB hooks for conditional diagnostic messages.

The two most common methods to install Operating System Interfaces (OSI) are LIFO and STUB. The LIFO process (last-in, first-out) allows for removal of the OSI only if they are found to be on top (last-in). The STUB process provides an anchor point to hand off control to an OSI when it is active. When the OSI is not active, a STUB functions as a doorway to the OSI when it was installed.

The OSIs used by CA Allocate are referred to as Hooks. CA Allocate uses two hooks for SVC26; VAM0002F and V37VSAM. Both currently use the LIFO process. This change will convert VAM0002F and V37VSAM to STUBs.

To obtain your copy of CA Allocate in North America, please call 1-800-841-8743 or contact your local account representative. If you are outside of North America, please call your local account representative or the local CA office. You may order this product from Online orders or download the product from

Should you need any assistance in implementing this latest release, our CA Technology Services experts can help. For more information on CA Technology Services and how you can leverage our experience, contact us through your local CA office, or visit

We're proud of our ongoing support and maintenance programs that are designed to help our customers succeed, and believe our latest release is a good example of our efforts.

Thank you again for your business.