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AllFusion® (formerly Advantage) Repository for Distributed Systems, release 2.2

Dear Valued Customer,

Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) is pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of AllFusion (formerly Advantage) Repository for Distributed Systems, release 2.2. As a leader in the enterprise metadata management market, we are continually searching for ways to improve our software and services to best meet our customers' changing needs. We are committed to enhancing this technology through focused development on the core technology, as well as tighter integration with other complementary CA solutions while remaining open and flexible.

In support of this initiative, we have re-branded our Repository solution to AllFusion to augment our Life Cycle Management vision. Our vision is to provide users with a unified business/IT view and align IT assets with business goals by providing a single integrated view across the enterprise, including correlation of information assets across multiple processes and the integration of business processes for service level management. Please be aware that the AllFusion Repository for Distributed Systems, release 2.2 product itself (i.e. installation splash screens, CD documentation, etc.) will still read "Advantage Repository" until the changes to the code are made in the next release.

AllFusion Repository for Distributed Systems, release 2.2 includes all of the functionality and maintenance associated with the v2.1 release - and adds the following major enhancements:

  • AllFusion┬« ERwin┬« Data Modeler 4.x- Metadata Exchange via XML. Metadata assets from AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler version 4.x can be imported into AllFusion Repository to provide enterprise-wide impact analysis. Physical columns and logical attributes can be automatically linked to business terms in AllFusion Repository via powerful glossary and name-generation facilities.

  • Software Development Kit for Custom Metadata Exchanges- Documentation is included in Release 2.2 that describes the creation of custom import mechanisms for metadata not supported by an existing exchange.

  • Database Hosting and Operating System Certification- The AllFusion Repository Engine is certified to run on the Windows XP operating system. The AllFusion Repository for Distributed Systems data store is certified to run on the following database platforms:

  • Oracle9i Release
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  • Sybase XII

    We enthusiastically recommend the installation of this new release so your business may enjoy these enhancements. If you would like to place your order today, please call (800) 637-5858. Alternatively, feel free to request your product update through your Customer Advocate directly or download it via If you have any further questions, please contact our Support Organization at 1-800-645-3042.

    We thank you for your ongoing commitment to CA and look forward to continuing a mutually beneficial relationship.


    Jeffrey J. Quaglia
    Product Marketing Manager