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Last Modified Date: October 08, 2009

Serial No Severity Fix Description eAC versions Module TestFix ID/Package ID Problem ID TestFix ID / Package ID Published ID Included in CR
1 Regular Increased output buffer for sesudo 8.0 SP1 Base-Utilities T243518 1358 W811100   CR 15
12.0 SP1          
2 Regular Fixes install to include authxapi_msg.h when installing SDK 8.0 SP1 Install     W811102   CR 15
12.0 SP1          
3 Regular Fixed audit to be able to check by a port number if a service name is not available 8.0 SP1 Engine     W811105   CR 15
12.0 SP1          
4 Regular AC installation now correctly changes the registry to start the cdfs driver before seosdrv on older OS for x64 and IA64 installations 8.0 SP1 Install     W811107   CR 15
12.0 SP1          
5 Regular Fixes TREND MICRO anti virus coexistence problem caused AC programs to hang 8.0 SP1 Driver T537393 393 W811110   CR 15
12.0 SP1          
6 Regular Fixes a problem where ntimport fails to retrieve native user/group that has either 121 bytes name or description or fullname 8.0 SP1 Base-Utilities     W811111   CR 15
12.0 SP1          
7 Regular Fixes Install to append SEOSDIR to system path on Japanese Windows x64 8.0 SP1 Install     W811114   CR 15
12.0 SP1          
8 Regular Fixed the upgrade from 5.2 to 8.0SP1 where Administrator was not created as ADMIN in the local database 8.0 SP1 upgrade     W811115   CR 15
12.0 SP1     AC1211903   CR 2
9 Regular seos.audit doesn't change by weekly 8.0 SP1 Engine     W811118   CR 15
12.0 SP1          
10 Regular Fixes an issue where removing a non-member user from a group does not give the correct status. The status is success and then failure, but it should be failure 8.0 SP1 Agent     W811127   CR16
12.0 SP1     AC1211493 CR1 CR1
11 Regular Fixes an issue where "showuser *" redirected output is incorrect when the number of OS users is greater than "query_size" 8.0 SP1 Agent          
12.0 SP1     AC1211567 CR1 CR1
12 Regular Fixes an issue where XUSER or XGROUP objects that have a backslash as a prefix are not created correctly 8.0 SP1 Agent          
12.0 SP1     AC1211648 CR1 CR1
13 Regular Fixes an issue where client to agent connection failed when used with a non-default port (after a default AC installation) 8.0 SP1 Agent          
12.0 SP1     AC1211657 CR1 CR1
14 Regular Fixes an issue where TCP audit filter rule where hostname is '*' doesn't work properly 8.0 SP1 API          
12.0 SP1     AC1211387 CR1 CR1
15 Regular Fixes a problem where if a policy is removed from an end point and a problem occurs and then that problem is rectified (either by removal or new version) Enterprise Management will still display the node with a policy error 8.0 SP1 APM          
12.0 SP1     AC1211712 CR1 CR1
16 Regular Enables the dynamic OS thread creation detection feature. This feature is controlled by the new registry value FsiDrvDynamicSysThreadDetection DWORD, and has the default value 0 (disabled). To enable this feature, change the value to 1. You do not need to reboot or reload the driver after you enable the feature. The feature should be used in case like reloading TM AV after AC started - when the registry value set AC will detect TM AV reload case after AC started 8.0 SP1 Driver          
12.0 SP1 T537413 438 AC1211563 CR1 CR1
17 Regular Fixes an issue with the ability to include a username in a password after the username was changed in the native environment 8.0 SP1 Engine     W811124   CR16
12.0 SP1     AC1211557 CR1 CR1
18 Regular Fixes an issue where the minor upgrade fails when performed in silent mode 8.0 SP1 Install          
12.0 SP1     AC1211682 CR1 CR1
19 Regular Fixes the silent upgrade from r8.0 SP1 to r12.0 SP1 so that the daemons restart correctly after the upgrade 8.0 SP1 Install          
12.0 SP1     AC1211662 CR1 CR1
20 Regular Fixes installation issue where the install is done to a non-default directory and there is a file named "program" on the drive 8.0 SP1 Install          
12.0 SP1     AC1211659 CR1 CR1
21 Regular Fixes an issue where an Endpoint Management component is not uninstalled during Enterprise Management uninstall 8.0 SP1 Install          
12.0 SP1     AC1211553 CR1 CR1
22 Regular "Method 'GetLocaleList' not implemented" after Enterprise Management upgrade from r12.0 GA 8.0 SP1 Install          
12.0 SP1     AC1211551 CR1 CR1
23 Regular Fixes an issue where the upgrade of Enterprise Management reports "success" but most files are not replaced as required 8.0 SP1 Install          
12.0 SP1     AC1211548 CR1 CR1
24 Regular Fixes an issue where policyfectcher process becomes untrusted in case AC endpoint is installed on an Enterprise Management and endpoint management box. This prevents policies from being pulled down 8.0 SP1 other          
12.0 SP1     AC1211702 CR1 CR1
25 Regular Fixes an issue where passwords are not propagated if passwd_pmd is not defined 8.0 SP1 Password-Filter     W811132   CR16
12.0 SP1     AC1211620 CR1 CR1
26 Regular Fixes policy deploy -store switch to work properly when all the possible arguments are specified 8.0 SP1 policydeploy          
12.0 SP1     AC1211380 CR1 CR1
27 Regular Fixes an issue with the report agent in case a new password is created the CONFIG section in the report is missing 8.0 SP1 ReportAgent          
12.0 SP1     AC1210839 CR1 CR1
28 Regular Fixes the Report Agent ini file to include the interval token after installation 8.0 SP1 ReportPortal          
12.0 SP1     AC1211423 CR1 CR1
29 Regular Fixes an issue with AC silent upgrade that fails where there is doubled "location" property 8.0 SP1 selang          
12.0 SP1     AC1211716 CR1 CR1
30 Regular Fixes an issue where the policy model hangs when its client is a multi-threaded application that connects to it in non-SSL encryption mode using a non-default symmetric encryption library 8.0 SP1 sepmdd          
12.0 SP1 T537418 440 AC1211581 CR1 CR1
31 Regular Fixes an issue that SUDO commands run under cmd.exe and not under sesudo.exe 8.0 SP1 sesudo          
12.0 SP1     AC1211494 CR1 CR1
32 Regular Enhances the Winserviceplg.dll diagnostic and troubleshooting mechanism. Adds more exception handling, improves the trace messages upon exception, and improves the trace mechanism itself so that critical trace data will be saved in a file to provide a clearer picture about the reason for any related failure 8.0 SP1 WinService          
  AC1211566 CR1 CR1
12.0 SP1          
33 Regular Fixes an issue where seosd terminates on startup when loading an object in multi bytes string in the audit.cfg   Engine     W811125   CR16
34 Regular Fixes an install issue where user devcalc has not been created during AC in custom mode 8.0 SP1 Install     W811126 CR16  
12.0 SP1          
35 Regular Fixes a problem where LOGON for "Terminal Services" record is not audited on XP 8.0 SP1 Engine     W811128   CR16
12.0 SP1          
36 Regular Fixes an issue where port number is incorrectly printed by seaudit 8.0 SP1 Base-Utilities     W811129   CR16
12.0 SP1          
37 Regular Fixes an issue with Policy Manager when user connected to r12 endpoint and trying to join a user to a Native OS group the join command fails and the error is "Internal error" 8.0 SP1 Agent T4CC068 443 W811130   CR16
12.0 SP1          
38 Regular Fixes an issue where grace for network logon is not checked in ACW8.0sp1 if LogonInterceptionMethod=1 8.0 SP1 Engine     W811131   CR16
12.0 SP1          
39 Regular Fixes an issue where password was not always masked in the audit records when multiple selang commands separated by ";" were executed together. 8.0 SP1 Selang     W811135   CR16
12.0 SP1          
40 Regular Fixes a problem where port number in the trace of a connect event was not correct 8.0 SP1 Engine     W811136   CR16
12.0 SP1          
41 Regular Fixes an issue where the behavior of exported prohibited() rule is not consistent when there are no prohibited characters, i.e. sometimes we print password rule with no prohibited characters, sometimes we don't
8.0 SP1 dbmng     W811138   CR16
12.0 SP1          
42 Regular Fixes an issue by removing redundant audit of FILE _default as it generates multiple audit for a event (i.e. absolute path & relative path) 8.0 SP1 Engine     W811139   CR16
12.0 SP1          
43 Regular Fixes a crash which may occur under low memory conditions 8.0 SP1 Driver     W811134   CR16
12.0 SP1          
44 Regular Fixes an issue where sepass was generating a syntax error when the password contained characters !,#,(,. 8.0 SP1 Password-Filter     W811140   CR16
12.0 SP1          
45 Regular Fixes an issue where command "selang -p pmdb -f pmd.txt" creates NATIVE user in the localhost instead of in pmdb database 8.0 SP1 Selang     W811141   CR16
12.0 SP1          
46 Regular Fixes an issue where default value of Country attribute shows "L?0" on Japanese environment 8.0 SP1 Install     W811146   CR16
12.0 SP1          
47 Regular Fixes an issue with silent upgrade from CR15 to CR16 which exits with error 1326 leading to
"Configuration error ..."
8.0 SP1 Install     W811151   CR16
12.0 SP1          
48 Regular Fixes an issue where updating user in 12.0 sp1 CR1 via Policy Manager gives "Need to enter valid user name" 8.0 SP1 Admin     D810250   CR16
12.0 SP1          
49 Regular Fixes webservice to convert generic success or failure messages to UTF8 8.0 SP1 Webservice          
12.0 SP1     AC1211715   CR2
50 Regular Fixes dbutil so that a DH name that contains a space will not be imported as two DHs 8.0 SP1 dbutil          
12.0 SP1     AC1211732   CR2
51 Regular Fixes seaudit -tr which shows garbled characters 8.0 SP1 seaudit          
12.0 SP1     AC1211745   CR2
52 Regular Fixes a Solaris Report Server installation issue so that the install includes the Japanese version of the license file 8.0 SP1 Install          
12.0 SP1     AC1211749   CR2
53 Regular Fixes an error in selang -f sub_str_len that occurs during dbmgr export and selang -f import 8.0 SP1 dbmng          
12.0 SP1     AC1211773   CR2
54 Regular Fixes an issue for Japanese OS where the words "Command" and "Options" are not localized for dbmgr -c -h
8.0 SP1 Localization          
12.0 SP1     AC1211785   CR2
55 Regular Fixes a problem that AC does not propagate a new password when you use symbols for the password 8.0 SP1 Password-Filter          
12.0 SP1     AC1211791   CR2
56 Regular Fixes the webservice to identify invalid UTF strings that cause web UI exceptions before they are sent to the web UI 8.0 SP1 Webservice          
12.0 SP1 T537445 445 AC1211803   CR2
57 Regular Fixes a problem where workstation name conversion failed 8.0 SP1 Sub-Authentication-Logon          
12.0 SP1     AC1211814   CR2
58 Regular Fixes selang so a warning does not appear when you set a generic SPECIALPGM rule 8.0 SP1 Selang          
12.0 SP1     AC1211851   CR2
59 Urgent Fixes an issue with Symantec Antivirus on Windows 2008 8.0 SP1 Driver          
12.0 SP1     AC1211852   CR2
60 Urgent Fixes an instrumentation crash with .Net applications that is due to a failure to detect the .Net application 8.0 SP1 Driver          
12.0 SP1     AC1211865   CR2
61 Regular Fixes memory leaks in VerifyConnection() 8.0 SP1 Agent          
12.0 SP1     AC1211866   CR2
62 Regular Fixes the upgrade from 5.2 to 12.0 SP1 to remove registry keys and service names that were defined by the 5.2 installation 8.0 SP1 Install          
12.0 SP1     AC1211879   CR2
63 Regular Fixes the silent install on non-English OS so the encryption method is correctly defined 8.0 SP1 Install          
12.0 SP1     AC1211881   CR2
64 Urgent Fixes an issue where specialpgm rules are not created after install while installing from long path 8.0 SP1 Install          
12.0 SP1     AC1211914   CR2
65 Regular Fixes an issue where seaudit -a -format 80sp1 command does not return the audit log in 8.0 format. One field is missing 8.0 SP1 seaudit          
12.0 SP1 T243534 450 AC1211894   CR2
66 Regular Fixes a conflict between two threads in eACiRecorder.dll that causes problems in the log content 8.0 SP1 iRecorder          
12.0 SP1 T243527 444 AC1211770   CR2
67 Regular Fixes the Enterprise Management icon for the Japanese installation of AC 8.0 SP1 WebGUI          
12.0 SP1     AC1211789   CR2
68 Regular Fixes a problem with the silent install that does not import native users into the AC database 8.0 SP1 Install          
12.0 SP1     AC1211767   CR2
69 Regular Fixes the Windows Endpoint Management Installer so that it installs the Japanese OS web service directory in the same location as the English OS web service directory 8.0 SP1 WebGUI          
12.0 SP1     AC1211833   CR2
70 Regular Fixes a problem where there is an attempt to close an IRP twice instead of once 8.0 SP1 Driver          
12.0 SP1     AC1211836   CR2
71 Regular Fixes an issue wherethe Webservice install directory is created under a different path on a Japanese OS 8.0 SP1 WebGUI          
12.0 SP1     AC1211839   CR2
72 Regular Fixes a problem where there is a missing seosmodl.h. error code redefinition 8.0 SP1 SDK          
12.0 SP1     AC1211889   CR2
73 Regular Fixes a problem to set the encryption default encryption key during silent install 8.0 SP1 Install          
12.0 SP1     AC1211931   CR2
74 Regular Fixes an issue with the iRecorder where reading audit log file without corresponding itialization was possible 8.0 SP1 iRecorder     C810605   CR16
12.0 SP1          
75 Regular Fixes an issue where it was not possible to see user info after connecting to a Unix host from PM. 8.0 SP1 selang     W811149   CR17
12.0 SP1          
76 Regular Fixes an issue where an unnecessary warning about REGVAL class was displayed when upgrading from CR0706. 8.0 SP1 engine     W811150   CR17
12.0 SP1          
77 Regular Fixes an issue where incorrect daily audit backup name format was created after using selang in local mode. 8.0 SP1 selang     W811154   CR17
12.0 SP1          
78 Regular Fixes an issue where when certain host is unplugged from the network that causes an incorrect status in GUI view. 8.0 SP1 Admin T243531 448 W811157   CR17
12.0 SP1          
79 Regular Fixes an issue where file name in DBCS given to dbmgr -m is not created or garbled. 8.0 SP1 Base-Utilities     W811160   CR17
12.0 SP1          
80 Regular Fixes an issue where dbmgr -e export displayed "length" instead of "min_len" in password rules of setoptions command. 8.0 SP1 dbutil     W811163   CR17
12.0 SP1          
81 Regular Fixes an issue where an attempt to display files from selang using the "next" parameter fails with an error. 8.0 SP1 Agent     W811164   CR17
12.0 SP1          
82 Regular Fixes an issue where if BackUp_Date is set to 30, and the audit files is created on Jan 31, the audit backup file is not created. 8.0 SP1 engine     W811166   CR17
12.0 SP1          
83 Regular Fixes an issue where grace count reduced twice by RDP connection on DC. 8.0 SP1 engine     W811167   CR17
12.0 SP1