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CA Application Performance Management
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Last Updated: December 02, 2016

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TEC610832 Configuration 1. Performance Tuning Guidelines for CEM 05/07/2014
TEC1093677 Reports 2. How are the CEM stats percentile values that are displayed in CEM reports/graphs calculated. 05/12/2016
TEC594614 Configuration 3. How can I delete a large number of users or usergroups at one time? 06/28/2013
TEC610521 Reports 4. A Guide to Solving Common Stats and Defects Aggregation Problems 11/26/2014
TEC593939 Integration 5. CEM: How to implement CA EEM and LDAP for Authentication and Authorization of CA APM 06/24/2013
TEC618922 Configuration 6. Is CEM compatible for playback and recording of HTML5? 10/13/2014
TEC1128264 Recording 7. Defining APM CE Transactions 05/15/2015
TEC595290 Integration 8. How to Configure CA APM to use LDAP Authentication (Introscope and APM CE) 07/12/2013
TEC604366 Database 9. Could not start service 'TIM.Collection.Svc' on entity 25: the service did not stop. Unable to set or change the EM associated with a Service on the Services Tab. The Save button is greyed out. 01/09/2014
TEC603709 Reports 10. An Explanation of APM CE (CEM) Transaction Time Breakdown as shown in the Component Timing Diagram. 12/26/2013
TEC604199 Configuration 11. How APM CE (CEM) SSL private keys are protected on the TIM and TIM Collector? 01/07/2014
TEC596922 Database 12. How to purge or reduce size of APM database in Postgres? 08/08/2013
TEC602225 Reports 13. TIM Collector is running but I am not seeing defects, statistics, Introscope metrics, etc. What shall I do? 11/13/2013
TEC605761 Configuration 14. Unable to login to APM CE (CEM) with LDAP authentication 02/06/2014
TEC599818 Integration 15. An approach to resolve APM CEM - Introscope integration to generate a transaction trace. 10/01/2013
TEC1629891 Configuration 16. APM CE (CEM) Session Management Overview 07/20/2016
TEC604292 Reports 17. APM CE (CEM) Defects FAQ 01/08/2014
TEC601074 Database 18. How to avoid a "database inaccessible" error? 10/23/2013
TEC596473 Configuration 19. After enabling SSL tracing, the Tim log is filled with Unsupported Ciphersuite warnings. Should I be concerned? 07/31/2013
TEC600296 Reports 20. Which APM CE (CEM) Recording Mechanism should I use? 10/09/2013