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Latest Builds and Patches for CA C2O

Name Description
C2Ov2.2.103_Final.iso Image of the C2O CD, it must be burned on a CD. It contains the Windows version of C2O, and also the install files of C2O for AIX4.3, AIX5.1, HP-UX, Linux, SCO, and Solaris.
c2o_AIX_43_09292008_bin.tar.gz C2O for AIX4.3
c2o_AIX_51_09292008_bin.tar.gz C2O for AIX5.1
c2o_HP-UX_11_10012008_bin.tar.gz C2O for HP UX
c2o_Linux_2.4.7-10_09292008_bin.tar.gz C2O for Linux
c2o_SCO_SV_3.2_09292008_bin.tar.gz C2O for SCO
c2o_SunOS_5.8_09302008_bin.tar.gz C2O for Solaris