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CA Workload Control Center
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Doc ID# Implementation Technical Support Documentation Last Revision
TEC618765 Add New Credentials for a Workload Automation AE Server within WCC 11.3.5 10/09/14
TEC565497 How to create, export and import reports in EEM. 02/27/13
TEC506559 Installation of EEM 8.4 SR01 on Windows failing with the message "The command line 'RESPONSE_FILE=C:DOCUME~1AAG551Local SettingsTemp3pft5 F.tmpwindowscadirinst.rsp ETRDIR_DXADMIND_PASSWORD=iTechPoz' is invalid." 02/27/13
TEC497734 Where can I find EEM 8.4 SR01? 02/27/13
TEC496543 Unable to install the Unicenter NSM monitoring agent on the windows 2003 server that has UWCC installed. 02/27/13
TEC427806 How to include lowercase jobs for Windows/UNIX in CA 7 JCL 02/27/13
TEC472035 How to uninstall and reinstall CA Portal r11.2 for UWCC r11? 02/27/13
TEC443159 When trying to add WCC portlets to a user's workplace, only the Quick Start portlet is listed. No other WCC portlets are available to be added despite having the necessary eIAM granted permissions. 02/27/13
TEC481180 Ingres Installation Restrictions 02/21/13
TEC583599 How to change a server from spectator to core? 02/20/13
TEC580669 How to modify the list of Autosys Job Types within the "Customize" popup window within Application Editor or Quick Edit 02/20/13
TEC578499 How to create an Autosys Job Template within WCC 02/20/13
TEC577022 Is there a command to find out in EEM is running? 02/20/13
TEC577020 Support For Google Chrome 02/20/13
TEC570784 Installation of CA Common Components has detected the following and cannot continue. rc=49. 02/20/13
TEC570674 Error: You are not allowed to access the selected theme. 02/20/13
TEC542079 Easy methods to restrict commands from the Autosys Command Line Interface. 02/20/13
TEC541538 Job Editor Window is blank 02/20/13
TEC541537 After installing Lotus Sametime, The QEDIT portal of CA Workload Control Center (UWCC) no longer works. 02/20/13
TEC537420 There is a file named logs\xmlLogs.log in the <WCC>/ConfigServer/bin directory. It appears to be misplaced. 02/20/13
TEC536619 How to verify if CommandLine Sponsor working on AutoSys side. 02/20/13
TEC536618 Block users from updating JSC policies 02/20/13
TEC512222 Unable to login to UWCC 11.1 after IAM to EEM policy migration. 02/20/13
TEC508416 How can you check-in many Job Flows at the same time? 02/20/13
TEC507678 Configuring WCC 11.1 releases for multiple Application Servers. 02/20/13
TEC506402 Quick View produces HTTP 404 Status Error. 02/20/13
TEC506343 Create polices to make selected groups/users read only access to AutoSys from WCC. 02/20/13
TEC502978 How to remove the Send Server/Cancel Server Event action under Job Status Console? 02/20/13
TEC500537 Recommendations and Best Practices for Performance Tuning for WCC 11.1 and WCC 11.1 SP1. 02/20/13
TEC500487 Steps for backing up content for UWCC. 02/20/13
TEC500483 What is the Command Sponsor responsible for and where is it on Autosys r11 sp2? 02/20/13
TEC498722 Error invalid user name and / or password when accessing Job Flow Monitoring. 02/20/13
TEC497736 Is there a version of EEM that does not use Ingres? 02/20/13
TEC496650 WCC Performance Tuning Best Practices for r11.1. 02/20/13
TEC496554 CA Workload Control Center r11.1 and r11.1 SP1 Migration Guide. 02/20/13
TEC496534 CA Workload Control Center r11.1 to r11.1 SP1 Upgrade Doc. 02/20/13
TEC496098 How to tell what version of Workload Control Center (UWCC) I have installed. 02/20/13
TEC494501 Sorry I don't know anything about your "vt320" terminal. 02/20/13
TEC481121 How to Create A Portal User 02/20/13
TEC479915 Popup box with message "Either username or password are invalid" when accessing the Autosys Server from UWCC 11.0 02/20/13
TEC479913 UWCC users are unable to view "My Pages" if they are indirect members of a group with the necessary rights. 02/20/13
TEC478444 Job Editor "Send to Machine" field does not list all Remote Agents. 02/20/13
TEC472041 List of ports used by UWCC 1.0 SP4, its prerequisite components and backend servers 02/20/13
TEC470953 WCC Performance Tuning Best Practices 02/20/13
TEC467517 Slow Performance of Job Flow Monitoring 02/20/13
TEC462293 Unicenter Workload Control Center (UWCC) component in a cluster environment 02/20/13
TEC462286 Unicenter Workload Control Center r1 SP4 - Uninstall Guide 02/20/13
TEC462155 Why is it necessary to enter a userid and password after a credential userid was defined and deployed? 02/20/13
TEC461966 When attempting to view a job log, for an AutoSys 4.5 job, the following is displayed: Error: Failed to get the job log: Directory is NOT authorized. 02/20/13
TEC449972 Portal Content Management Best Practices for Workload Control Center 02/20/13
TEC447862 Unicenter Workload Control Center r1 SP4 Installation Troubleshooting Guide 02/20/13
TEC446590 When testing UWCC after installation on Windows 2003 a blank screen appears but the JBoss server is accessable on port 8080. 02/20/13
TEC446458 Error when creating a new global group: EE_POZERROR Repository Error ISE_OBJECTEXISTS object already exists 02/20/13
TEC446456 EE_MAXSIZEEXCEEDED Max Search Size Exceeded when trying to list Global Users or Groups 02/20/13
TEC446452 Creating Multiple Credential User Definitions for Multiple Backend Servers (Autosys,CA-7,SAP) - Short Cut 02/20/13
TEC442678 How to convert a WCC SSL Certificate (Java Keystore) for use with eIAM(pkcs12) 02/20/13
TEC442029 List of valid values for Named Attribute Components when configuring the filters for the UWCC ServerAccess policy within EEM. 02/20/13
TEC428526 During the CCS installation of UWCC 1.0 SP4, why do I get an invalid credentials error message when doing the installation with a local administrator account? 02/20/13
TEC420407 EIAM replication 02/20/13
TEC416158 How do I modify the port number of the UWCC portal after an installation? 02/20/13
TEC415883 Unicenter Workload Control Center r1 SP4 Server Status Troubleshooting Guide 02/20/13
TEC414657 Error 1608 when installing eIAM 02/20/13
TEC412856 Unicenter Workload Control Center Services Guide r1 SP4 02/20/13
TEC408624 Upgrading from Unicenter Enterprise Job Manager r1 SP3 (Unicenter EJM SP3) to Unicenter Workload Control Center r1 SP4 (Unicenter WCC SP4) 02/20/13
TEC408337 The Java Plug-in is required by the UWCC Client(Browser) to view all aspects of the interface. For example, the Job Editor, Job Flow Designer, Job Flow Monitoring, Host Access - anything that uses a Java Applet. 02/20/13
TEC406042 UWCC r1 SP4 Migrating and Replicating Configurations between Installations 02/20/13
TEC388256 How to Configure JRE 1.4.2 to run Unicenter Workload Command Center: 02/20/13
TEC586520 WCC Services Started As Root User 02/09/13
TEC585518 Job Status reports contains no data for given parameter 01/24/13
TEC532556 Read and write check boxes are missing from the as-appl and as-group policies in EEM's Manage Access Policies Tab 01/07/13
TEC574843 Validation of Autosys server produces Error E190106 Cannot connect to the remote service - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error 07/26/12
TEC572195 Troubleshooting Validation Errors of Autosys Server and Credential User within WCC 11.3 06/14/12
TEC542084 SAML :: DSigSigner Initialization Failing : Troubleshooting 02/26/11
TEC537398 Can EEM have multiple administrator accounts, like EiamAdmin? 12/10/10