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CA Workload Automation DE
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TEC1473545 The TIMEOUT command in batch script job results in "ERROR: Input redirection is not supported, exiting the process immediately. 01/23/15
TEC592245 The "security.cryptkey=" value was missed after the CA Workload Automation Agent's silent installation completed. 05/15/13
TEC554559 PeopleSoft Plug-in Sets SQLID 04/18/13
TEC544514 SAP Plug-in reports "JCO.nativeInit(): Could not initialize dynamic link library sapjcorfc" 04/18/13
TEC500786 Jobs failed with error: "Z_CYB_TABLE_UPDATE: Failed to create template of function". 04/11/13
TEC550796 How to bind CA Workload Automation agent to only one IP? 04/10/13
TEC548900 Starting the 11.3 System Agent on AIX 5.3 produces error: rtld: 0712-001 Symbol __pthread was referenced from module cybAgent.bin() 04/10/13
TEC548889 Job does not complete. Agent spool reports: error 13 (Permission denied) 04/10/13
TEC534990 "SQL command not properly ended" error while trying to retrieve PeopleSoft job spool file 04/10/13
TEC527632 CA Workload Automation jobs failing with "INTERNAL ERROR" or SUBERROR Failed SetEnd Status(Internal error. null). 04/10/13
TEC554555 CA Workload Automation System Agent patch install failed 04/09/13
TEC544676 How to setup AES encryption for system agent on R11.3 agents? 04/09/13
TEC474131 Converting artifacts while updating dSeries to R11.1 04/08/13
TEC462626 Using the monitor view to get the details for a specified large application, sometimes the operator can not see it and gets the error message:"An error has occurred. See error log for more details" 04/08/13
TEC446603 dSeries agent fails to start after the owner of the dSeries installation directory was changed to a non-root user 04/08/13
TEC442683 Setting up the z/OS Agent to communicate with Espresso (dSeries) 04/08/13
TEC442682 Configuration of the Flash Recovery Area 04/08/13
TEC442681 Understanding Agent communications 04/08/13
TEC442680 Setting up the z/OS Agent to communicate with Espresso (dSeries) 04/08/13
TEC432532 FAQs on ESP dSeries server license 04/08/13
TEC422830 Sometimes, after I finished installing my ESP Espresso Workstation client, I am required to reboot the system, while at other times I don't have to. Why? 04/08/13
TEC588876 CA Workload Automation (CA WA) Desktop Client has been installed but gives an Eclipse related error upon startup. 03/22/13
TEC585497 Does CA Workload Automation DE dSeries server resolve all its variable values as upper case? 01/22/13
TEC585156 Are the schema's Views (V_APPLICATION etc..) created when the database is setup, during migrations or do we have to manually create them if we want them? 01/15/13
TEC581895 A user cannot view reports in CA Workload Automation DE Services perspective 01/15/13
TEC581248 Might the Connections, Preferences, and Custom Views be exported/imported from the CA Workload Automation DE Desktop Client 2.0.2 into the Desktop Client 11.3? 01/15/13
TEC572043 CAWA Desktop Client failed to start after successful installation 01/15/13
TEC571885 After loading events migrated from R11.1 to R11.3 server, scheduling certain events will freeze CA Workload Automation Desktop Client. 01/15/13
TEC570638 In order to provide a failover do I need to define a separate connection at the Desktop Client toward Standby server? 01/15/13
TEC549608 CA Workload Automation database backup 01/15/13
TEC548887 How to use CA Workload Automation calendar and holiday information in other software applications? 01/15/13
TEC548878 CA WA Desktop Client loses connection and then reconnects 01/15/13
TEC548875 How to purge CA Workload Automation (DE) audit files? 01/15/13
TEC544668 CA Workload Automation shuts down and reports "The cause of the servershutdown: - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread" 01/15/13
TEC544507 CA Workload Automation: Error messages in tracelogs about user not authorized to ALLOW for APPLX.SOME_APP 01/15/13
TEC540107 How to change the Desktop Client default workspace location. 01/15/13
TEC536647 COMMQ file is full. 01/15/13
TEC536638 Desktop Client crashes when opening an application 01/15/13
TEC536637 What are 'startMonitor event' CA WA server tracelogs after cold start? 01/15/13
TEC536611 How to cold start CA Workload Automation (CA WA) and what happens after cold start? 01/15/13
TEC536596 How do I connect to Tandem (Non-Stop Kernel) server to check CA Workload Automation agent version? 01/15/13
TEC535011 Mails stopped getting sent out by dSeries (CA Workload Automation) 01/15/13
TEC527645 Database with Unicode character set. 01/15/13
TEC524571 Agent has oscomponent.noexitcode set, and does not return all the exit codes. 01/15/13
TEC524569 USE option missing in CA Workload Automation Desktop client r11.1. 01/15/13
TEC524555 Agent does not start. It exits with message "System.exit(99) has been invoked". 01/15/13
TEC511253 Where can I bring up the console in desktop client? 01/15/13
TEC511233 SNMP traps are not reaching the SNMP manager/tool 01/15/13
TEC492883 Trying to open the online Help topics at the Desktop Client is throwing a runtime error. 01/15/13
TEC482545 What modules are needed to run batch application programs in Gen 7.6? 01/10/13
TEC576969 The CHANGEROLE command resulted in this error: "Peer server cannot be found via RMI. Cannot changeroles". 01/09/13
TEC576718 CA Workload Automation DE (dSeries) events with "Do not trigger when if active" option defined stopped triggering. 01/09/13
TEC574428 How can we make an event execute on a holiday that falls on a workday (Monday to Friday)? 01/09/13
TEC572045 Not able to see all LDAP-users which were in the subdirectories at the configured 'LDAP user location' 01/09/13
TEC572044 Not able to see all the LDAP-users in Desktop Client though the configured (specific) LDAP directory had much more users defined 01/09/13
TEC582847 Do I need to have all involved databases and CA Workload Automation dSeries servers running while migrating to version 11.3? 01/08/13
TEC581822 How to create an audit report in CA Workload Automation DE (dSeries)server. 01/08/13
TEC508359 Should the Agent installed on the Standby Server site appear in the server's Topology after the Standby server installation is complete? 01/08/13
TEC508358 Should the Agent installed on the Standby server site start automatically after startESP script execution? 01/08/13
TEC508357 An operating system itself might not be set for the daylight savings adjustment - if it's not set up, would dSeries still follow DST? 01/08/13
TEC482544 CA Workload Server service doesn't startup. 01/08/13
TEC481371 Some e-mail notifications contain the body of the e-mail in the attached spool file. 01/08/13
TEC544527 Minimum and recommended hardware requirements for dSeries server installation on IBM eServer P5 01/07/13
TEC536092 Do I have to shutdown UWCC (CA Workload Control Center) when upgrading or installing a newer release? 01/07/13
TEC510969 Can CAWA run on Solaris 10 zone configuration? 01/07/13
TEC510917 Can the dSeries user name be the same as the server ID? 01/07/13
TEC508366 Events run on days when 'Do not schedule' was specified. 01/07/13
TEC508365 Does dSeries version 5.0.3 support 64-bit IA64 HP-UX 11.23 system? 01/07/13
TEC508363 What are the Oracle 10.x/11.x certified character sets for dSeries server? 01/07/13
TEC547152 The command ntgetdate is missing from CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys Edition) 11.3 01/03/13
TEC547151 Only users who belong to the Administrator group can run AutoSys 11.0 jobs on Windows 01/03/13
TEC539712 What is the difference between a machine status of Missing vs Offline? 01/03/13
TEC539711 AutoSys load balancing does not seem to be working. 01/03/13
TEC539274 When running AutoSys r11.0 commands like autorep the results are displayed but so too are errors, CAUAJM_E_10029. 01/03/13
TEC538786 How is the job's profile file used in AutoSys? 01/03/13
TEC537377 Autosys r11 support for Microsoft Cluster Activeactive mode. 01/03/13
TEC537376 CAUAJM_E_50415 The Holiday calendar: is already defined as Extended Calendar. 01/03/13
TEC537375 Can an AutoSys calendar be deleted if it is in use by a job? 01/03/13
TEC537372 Is there a delete all option for autoaggr? 01/03/13
TEC511264 How could I tell the version of ZOS agent? 03/27/10
TEC500785 CA ESP Workload Automation System Agent for MVS (also called ZOS agent) abends with U0913 during startup. Why? 10/22/09
TEC422853 Do I need a new license file when I upgrade my Espresso? 04/22/07
TEC422840 Can I install ESP Workload Manager Workstation and ESP Espresso Workstation on the same server? 04/22/07