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TEC1800453 A directory checksum error shows when untarring the CA Spectrum media file on Solaris 08/20/15
TEC1548527 SRM startup error - Error occurred while applying schema change Name: 1067 Errorcode: 1050 07/20/15
TEC1885985 Which CA Spectrum 9.3.0.H02 PTF patches are included in CA Spectrum 9.3.0.H03? 02/27/15
TEC1651784 Which CA Spectrum 9.2.3.H12 PTF patches are included in 9.2.3.H13? 02/27/15
TEC588094 How to Set Up HTTPs (SSL) using a self-signed certificate on CABI/BOXI r3.2 or r3.3 02/03/15
TEC1132112 Getting error as "Invalid Server Address" when uploading the firmware using firmware task 01/29/15
TEC1729704 Spectrum Users Group 01/28/15
TEC1553613 When installing CA Spectrum, an Installer UI Mode Error shows: Installer User Interface Mode Not supported 01/28/15
TEC1083987 Getting Error "Unable to access the SRM preferences" when trying to enable monitor option 01/28/15
TEC1029488 Spectrum's EVPN doesn't update the ASN connections in the topology 01/28/15
TEC1429883 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError with Spectrum/Netcool integration 01/12/15
TEC1635148 Bad link alarms are not cleared automatically in Spectrum Oneclick 01/05/15
TEC1544569 OneClick users are not populating in CABI 12/23/14
TEC1439108 How to change the host name and/or IP address of a SpectroSERVER or OneClick server 12/23/14
TEC1395687 Spectrum upgrade failure with error message "slmWebOp.cus has failed" 12/23/14
TEC1285105 CA Spectrum 9.4.1 virtual modeling integration with CA Nimsoft disables all VHM functionality 11/11/14
TEC1254768 CA Spectrum 9.4.1 integration with CA Nimsoft now requires the NISAPI probe 11/11/14
TEC1251313 Moving Datacenters to different landscapes for virtual modeling with the CA Spectrum 9.4.1 integration with CA Nimsoft 11/11/14
TEC615579 Information on how to obtain the CA Spectrum 9.4 download from the CA Support website 08/15/14
TEC614248 CA Spectrum 9.4 and CA Nimsoft 7.6 integration fails to authenticate due to lack of nisrest probe 08/06/14
TEC605903 Spectrum Hotfix patch H01 for 9.3 - fixes and enhancements 02/11/14
TEC605841 How are MAC addresses displayed in Spectrum OneClick 02/07/14
TEC604906 SANM/AlarmNotifier does not process alarms after installing CA Spectrum Hotfix 12 for 9.2 01/21/14
TEC604896 After Creating a New NCM Device Family Cannot Modify Owner Field and Search Criteria 01/21/14
TEC604026 Receiving error message in OneClick "Unable to render topology" for non administrator users in OneClick 01/03/14
TEC604025 Connection Server can't start after installing BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 Service Pack 3 ( CA BI 3.2). This problem occurs when Microsoft patch KB2509553 is installed on the system. 01/03/14
TEC604024 A Spectrum user is not able to change the model name in Oneclick topology 01/03/14
TEC603943 What is the meaning of Downtime To Spare while generating the availability monthly report in Spectrum Report Manager (SRM). 01/02/14
TEC603941 Spectrum is not able to evaluate the Static Global Collection rule in service-desk-ticket-config.xml under SPECROOT custom svdsk config 01/02/14
TEC603940 What steps need to be followed to change the Infoview URL to use IPAddress instead of hostname 01/02/14
TEC603780 Spectrum is unable to generate service desk tickets with the error as "Configuration file is missing. Unable to create Service Desk ticket" 12/27/13
TEC602482 Spectrum Report Manager Data Retention Policy and Data Retention Period usage 12/17/13
TEC602476 Is it possible to run multiple vCenter configurations on a single VCAIM 12/16/13
TEC602426 CA Spectrum 9.3 distributed install fails when using sudo privileges 12/05/13
TEC602359 Landscapes are being cleared in SANM filters after saving them in Spectrum 9.2.3.H12 One Click 11/27/13
TEC602358 Receiving "Failed to validate certificate" error message when trying to login in to Spectrum OneClick? 11/27/13
TEC602422 Spectrum 9.3.0 release - fixes and enhancements 11/20/13
TEC601702 What steps are required to activate IPRM with a new license? 11/04/13
TEC601697 How to increase the ConnectionStatus reporting time when an agent disconnects 11/04/13
TEC601430 Can Archive Manger run in fault tolerant mode on a secondary SpectroSERVER 10/29/13
TEC601429 Do we Support the use of the Netconf Protocol with Cisco Nexus Switches? 10/29/13
TEC601428 Is it Supported to Install 2 Instances of Spectrum on the Same Host? 10/29/13
TEC600223 CA Spectrum r9.3 Key Considerations 10/08/13
TEC600221 SpectroSERVER keeps crashing with librtms module in the stack trace due to IP SLA Test model 10/08/13
TEC597530 Devices are missing from the Spectrum OneClick Chassis Manager and Chassis Down alarms are not generating when the device goes down. 08/20/13
TEC593422 How to exclude Symptom alarms in the Web Services output 06/06/13
TEC593186 Upgrade of Spectrum does not complete due to DDM database lock with errors in pre-install log 06/03/13
TEC593180 A user is not able to modify a scheduled Report in Spectrum Report Manager because a blank page gets displayed 06/03/13
TEC593179 Event Configurator Editor doesn't update CsPCause on SpectroServers only in One Click Servers 06/03/13
TEC593178 Is there a 64bit Linux Version of the SDMConnector Service? 06/03/13
TEC591980 Periodically Spectrum Network Configuration Manager captures or uploads fail for SSH/SCP communication mode and $SPECROOT/NCM/NCMSERV.OUT file contains EOF exceptions 05/10/13
TEC591979 Spectrum event 0x002104a7 utilizing wrong event variables in the event format file resulting in unreadable text in event message 05/10/13
TEC591893 Cluster Manager alarms not correlated after initially modeling the cluster environment 05/09/13
TEC589896 Spectrum SpectroSERVER memory leak using trap director on a remote SpectroSERVER that is geographically far from the Main Location Server (MLS). 05/03/13
TEC590512 Events are missing in the OneClick client Event View if the "include sub components" option is chosen 04/17/13
TEC590415 When using Modeling Gateway after an export links are not being displayed during an import 04/16/13
TEC590412 SPM test created from OneClick GUI are not saved into CISCO NVRAM and not being displayed in the devices running configuration. 04/16/13
TEC590411 Spectrum QOS manager has an issue with the same class name for a different policy map 04/16/13
TEC590409 CA Spectrum Release 9.2 SP2(and higher) OneClick "Client Details" listing becomes overloaded by huge "Process Output" data. 04/16/13
TEC590404 Traps get ignored by Spectrum although the threshold has been increased 04/16/13
TEC589079 Access tab in OneClick Users tab is greyed out. 03/26/13
TEC588871 Getting errors "Invalid locale ID." instead of graphs when creating reports 03/22/13
TEC588568 SystemEDGE with VCAIM plugin is discovered on Spectrum under Spectrum VHM Tree but the VMware VCenter infrastructure is not discovered 03/18/13
TEC588391 Required Spectrum upgrades and PTF patches for latest SOI Catalyst Connectors to Spectrum. 03/14/13
TEC588194 When installing Spectrum 9.2.2 release the following error can be seen: "Error: Install can not continue without the patch being installed" 03/12/13
TEC588186 Spectrum 9.2.3 (H10) introduces enhanced certification for 4 Cisco ACE devices 03/12/13
TEC588095 The Spectrum SpectroSERVER may crash when utilizing MPLS paths with names longer than 128 characters. 03/11/13
TEC586949 Access is denied to move some files when running spectrum-wkp-update.bat command 02/21/13
TEC588040 Spectrum OneClick shows that a Fault tolerant database synchronization failure occurred and when looking on the secondary SpectroSERVER there are multiple SpectroSERVER processes running. 02/18/13
TEC587191 NCM global synch task slowness in post 9.2.1 versions of Spectrum with Cisco IOS family 02/15/13
TEC586756 Dynamic Alarm Title Configuration for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Alarms 02/14/13
TEC444070 Spectrum 8.1 Installation Quick Reference Guide 02/14/13
TEC586522 Removing unwanted alarms from OneClick 02/13/13
TEC586622 Log File Monitoring using SystemEDGE in Spectrum 02/12/13
TEC586436 Is it possible to use two different LDAP domains concurrently with Spectrum for authentication? 02/12/13
TEC581789 Is the Spectrum Service Operations Insight (SOI) connector fault tolerant? 01/24/13
TEC577399 Spectrum 9.2.2 does not discover ADES Agent 12.7 01/24/13
TEC570266 A new Spectrum Service Operations Insight (SOI) Connector is available to address stability and performance issues 01/24/13
TEC569340 Spectrum Connector for Service Operations Insight (SOI) imports models with similar sysNames as one CI. 01/24/13
TEC574923 Using the SystemEDGE VCAIM to manage the SpectroSERVER through the Spectrum Virtual Host Manager (VHM) functionality 01/22/13
TEC584709 Installation of CABI3.3 on Red Hat fails with error message that CMS could not be started after most of the installation is done. 01/08/13
TEC586435 How to generate an alarm when a group of devices goes down using Service Manager and Condition Correlation Editor. 01/02/13
TEC567817 Is Internet Explorer 9 officially supported for use with Spectrum Report Manager? 01/02/13
TEC567237 CiscoHSRPApp models take an excessive amount of time to initialize, causing the SpectroSERVER to take hours to become active. 01/02/13
TEC566674 Enabling TFTP on Linux to support Spectrum Network Configuration Manager (NCM) host configuration captures 01/02/13
TEC566669 Secure Domain Connector will disconnect from the Secure Domain Manager after installing Spectrum 9.2.1. 01/02/13
TEC566515 MySQL repair is using temporary disk space on C: drive 01/02/13
TEC566513 The InfoView panel will freeze in Internet Explorer 8 when clicking on "Document List" or "Home" 01/02/13
TEC566508 When launching Spectrum OneClick the Oneclick.jnlp does not open with SSL enabled 01/02/13
TEC577253 Store password errors seen after configuring SSL in Spectrum OneClick web server 12/31/12
TEC576363 Spectrum Tomcat will not start after 9.2.2 install 12/31/12
TEC575734 Segmentation Violation after installing Spectrum 9.2.2 on Redhat Linux (RHEL) version 5.8 12/31/12
TEC575733 Spectrum hotfix patch installation error seen on Windows 12/31/12
TEC575175 Ad-hoc Report fails with: Cannot initialize Report Engine server. (Error: RWI 00226) (Error: INF) 12/31/12
TEC575164 Unable to open eHealth Configuration page from Spectrum OneClick Administration page and getting error - HTTP status 500 12/31/12
TEC575163 Wily Agent Discovery through the Spectrum Wily Introscope Integration fails to get modeled 12/31/12
TEC575129 Alarms from Event integration manager are not asserted on the device models in Spectrum 12/31/12
TEC575018 Receive an error when trying to create new models or edit existing model attributes 12/31/12
TEC574939 A Landscape or SpectroSERVER is missing in Spectrum OneClick after one hour because the landscape was not reachable or contactable 12/31/12
TEC574938 Is it possible for security purposes to restrict access to X11 TCP ports (6001 - 6003) which are used by BOXI? Is there a security risk by having these ports open by them accepting connections from anywhere? 12/31/12
TEC573349 Chassis Down Alarm 12/28/12
TEC573344 Restrictions on valid host names 12/28/12
TEC573342 SCOM Connector not available for Spectrum on Solaris and Linux 12/28/12
TEC572940 Ports required for SCOM integration with Spectrum 9.2.1 12/28/12
TEC572156 Error "SRM has not finished starting" and several innodb table errors appear after installing Spectrum 9.2.1.H07 12/28/12
TEC571518 Error restarting the OC server: The user may not have permissions to use the 'at' command or to run the restart script 12/28/12
TEC571450 While upgrading a large distributed environment Global Collections are not seen in OneClick 12/28/12
TEC571449 Error when selecting an eHealth discovery policy for a global collection in Spectrum 12/28/12
TEC571215 Link connections are being made across Secure Domains, why is this happening? 12/28/12
TEC571207 CABI install on Linux quickly fails with no errors 12/28/12
TEC570881 A Space in a URL causes HTTP tests to fail 12/28/12
TEC570712 EventTable does not work with AlarmNotifier 12/28/12
TEC570711 Tickets from Spectrum are not being generated in Service Desk. 12/28/12
TEC569755 Spectrum Schedules do not run after being edited 12/28/12
TEC569557 Recommendations for reconfiguring a Secondary SpectroSERVER to become a Primary server in a Distributed SpectroSERVER (DSS) environment. 12/28/12
TEC569556 NCM Password Corruption Prevention During Upgrade 12/28/12
TEC569345 Is it possible to assign an alarm to a user using a URL without receiving a OneClick login prompt? 12/28/12
TEC569344 Host evaluation warning when installing Spectrum on Windows - Warning:Windows Messaging Subsystem is not installed on this system 12/28/12
TEC569342 Does CA Spectrum Infrastructure Multicast Manager support Cisco-MVPN-MIB for Multicast discoveries and views? 12/28/12
TEC569263 The following locale error occurs when trying to install CABI 3.2 on Redhat Linux: Locale Check Failed 12/28/12
TEC569261 After successful mapping between eHealth & Spectrum not all models are mapped 12/28/12
TEC568520 Spectrum tomcat service is missing after hotfix install or upgrade on Windows platform 12/28/12
TEC566485 Getting Icmpserver Errors 12/28/12
TEC583593 A blank "running applications" popup error will prevent the upgrade to Spectrum service pack release 9.2.2 12/27/12
TEC583592 How Spectrum Infrastructure Manager creates connections 12/27/12
TEC583387 How to add a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) option into the OneClick console 12/27/12
TEC583385 What is the correct formatting for XML files when importing using Modeling Gateway in 9.2 and later 12/27/12
TEC581883 Unable to update Spectrum content by using spectrum-wkp-update.bat on BOXI machine because of "Access is denied" error. 12/27/12
TEC581825 Customising Events and Mapping Traps 12/27/12
TEC581808 Change parameter in OneClick customization from Unicode to Hexadecimal 12/27/12
TEC581794 "Error: eHealth can't access configuration information" message when launching eHealth reports from Spectrum. 12/27/12
TEC581791 Organization of ESX Host Containers in the Universe view of Spectrum 12/27/12
TEC581790 Use of HTTP versus HTTPS in the Spectrum Infrastructure Manager eHealth Integration 12/27/12
TEC581782 Model placement precedence when multiple management technologies are deployed in your environment. 12/27/12
TEC581771 Black pipes in VPN manager 12/27/12
TEC581769 Error code exit value 128 received when upgrading to Spectrum to 9.2.X 12/27/12
TEC580886 Errors in web server log file about "path not found" after configuring SSL in Spectrum OneClick web server 12/27/12
TEC580668 Sql errors with Spectrum/eHealth Integration 12/27/12
TEC579176 No traps in Spectrum from the Secure Domain Connector (SDC) 12/27/12
TEC578904 MIB import fails when MIB contains more than one MIB definition 12/27/12
TEC577714 When installing Spectrum 9.2.2 (H08) on a Windows server the install indicates that MySQL needs to be shutdown to proceed, even though Spectrum's MySQL is shutdown. 12/27/12
TEC577603 Improvement to SCOM event messaging when a model is not discovered in Spectrum 12/27/12
TEC577517 How to disable auto closing the Service Desk ticket when alarm clears in Spectrum 9.2. 12/27/12
TEC577509 Does the Spectrum processd username and or password need to be updated on Linux or Solaris? 12/27/12
TEC577508 Spectrum 9.2.2 names all new models in lower case. 12/27/12
TEC577400 No alerts are seen in SOI when the Spectrum Connector is installed in a Microsoft cluster. 12/27/12
TEC574940 Spectrum users with specific roles and permissions are unable to run eHealth reports from Spectrum 12/27/12
TEC574523 Failed to register the connector: Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Common.ConnectorAlreadyExistsException: A connector with that connector id or name already exists. 12/27/12
TEC574521 SDC fault tolerance - In the event of the primary Secure Domain Connector going down is it possible to see and verify that it has failed over to the secondary SDConnector? 12/27/12
TEC574520 Error message in $SPECROOT/SS/DDM/ARCHMGR.OUT file: ArchMgr started as user 'root' 12/27/12
TEC574155 Spectrum 9.2.2 - fixes and enhancements to pre-existing functionality 12/27/12
TEC573981 Error In Spectrum Report Manager when running reports on Windows hosts with regional options set to Hebrew: "Information is needed before this report can be processed." 12/27/12
TEC573980 Getting the error "failed to open a connection - <report_name_here>" when trying to run reports in SRM / Infoview 12/27/12
TEC573490 Oneclick.jnlp does not open with SSL enabled 12/27/12
TEC569034 Getting the following error when trying to run reports with CABI 3.2: Error: Failed to open the connection 12/27/12
TEC566434 Cant See Parameters 12/27/12
TEC530367 Missing host trap processing with Spectrum 9.2 H01. 12/06/12
TEC530335 Default memory optimization settings on Windows2003 can adversely affect the SpectroSERVER 12/06/12
TEC529888 How to remove or breakup the fault tolerance set up in Spectrum? 12/06/12
TEC529542 Installing BOXI r2 with Red Hat 5 error: Spectrum does not support this version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Please see the Spectrum Installation Guide for supported versions. 12/06/12
TEC529508 Events generated when Primary Spectroserver is down are not updated in SRM. 12/06/12
TEC529507 Can I load an SRM Database that was manually backed up from Report Manager? 12/06/12
TEC529505 How do you delete eHealth Discovery Policies from Spectrum? 12/06/12
TEC529088 Setscript errors received when executing Alarm Notifier 12/06/12
TEC528998 AlarmNotifier won't start due to wrong configuration in Location Server's Client Application Panel 12/06/12
TEC528997 How to identify the version of Secure Domain Connector (SDC)? 12/06/12
TEC528927 Automatically repair the Spectrum DDM database 12/06/12
TEC528920 Can CA Spectrum be installed on VM ESX 4.0? 12/06/12
TEC528919 How to list the number of models of each model type within SSdb via CLI? 12/06/12
TEC528727 Limiting false events and alarms during a failover to a secondary SpectroSERVER. 12/06/12
TEC528725 Can Spectrum process SNMP v3 traps from a third-party device that is not modeled in Spectrum? 12/06/12
TEC528697 Unable to start Spectrum AlarmNotifier, location service failed to connect. 12/06/12
TEC527486 Spectrum OneClick error: The web server returned error: Message(s) 501 5.1.7 Invalid address 12/06/12
TEC526858 Problem upgrading CA Virtual Assurance 3.0 VC AIM from r11.7 to r12 when using with Spectrum Infrastructure Manager 12/06/12
TEC526857 OneClick does not show TOPOLOGY VIEW - LINUX RUNOC 12/06/12
TEC526671 ERROR at Unable to bind to a port 12/06/12
TEC526421 What happens when blades need to be modeled for a chassis? 12/06/12
TEC526420 How to discover HSRP-enabled routers. 12/06/12
TEC526327 A Shared IP Alarm is generated even if the shared IPv6 IP addresses are included in the Allowed Shared IP Addresses list. 12/06/12
TEC512097 Unable to perform captures using Spectrum Network Configuration Manager with SNMP/TFTP communication. 12/06/12
TEC526326 SPECTRUM Control Panel does not start 12/05/12
TEC526325 SPECTRUM Control Panel (SCP) Host Security and Location Server buttons are grayed out. 12/05/12
TEC505647 Limiting CA Spectrum OneClick User Access In Multi-Tenant Environments. 12/04/12
TEC582741 Message on install: "The services required for completing the installation of this product are not available." 12/03/12
TEC525706 Unable to map traps using MIB Tools after importing MIB into Spectrum and the interface hangs. 11/30/12
TEC525686 SPECTRUM Report Manager scheduled report failed with error: "Information is needed before this report can be processed". 11/30/12
TEC525599 SPECTRUM Report Manager scheduled report failed due to error: destination DLL disabled. [CrystalEnterprise.DiskUnmanaged] 11/30/12
TEC525563 Upgrade to CABI 3.0 failed with CMS database error: STW00226 11/30/12
TEC525561 SPECTRUM Report Manager (SRM) is not collecting data because its start up error due to column Key_read_request out of range value exception. 11/30/12
TEC525544 How to accelerate initializing the Reporting database (SRMdb)? 11/30/12
TEC525543 Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) installation procedures in Spectrum 9.2 11/30/12
TEC525541 Running failed at step 4 for SRM due to error: Connection refused 11/30/12
TEC525198 How to disable EEM Single Sign-On when OneClick Administration Page is not accessible. 11/30/12
TEC524598 Availability Reports in SPECTRUM Report Manager shows 100% available when device is reported down. 11/30/12
TEC524595 How to create a Normal Alarm when pingable device is back contactable. 11/30/12
TEC524532 SPECTRUM Performance Manager (SPM) test timeout alarm is asserted on the Test model. 11/30/12
TEC524169 How to remove or modify the stored SNMP Community String list shown in OneClick Console? 11/30/12
TEC524025 After upgrading to 9.1.2 and running Liebert UPS models, getting alarm: Different Model Type. 11/30/12
TEC523990 Is NSM Integration Kit available for SPECTRUM on Solaris/Linux? 11/30/12
TEC523352 Are current versions of SPECTRUM supported when installed on virtual operating systems' host machines? 11/30/12
TEC522636 Topological connections for modeled virtual machines (VMs) are not created 11/30/12
TEC522198 How to install CA Spectrum Service Manager component in a distributed CA Spectrum evironment? 11/30/12
TEC522062 Can we create a ticket creation rule based on Global Collection association AND Alarm Severity in Spectrum/Service Desk integration? 11/30/12
TEC521258 How to Initialize the Reporting Database for Specific Landscapes? 11/30/12
TEC564996 Changes in Secure Domain Manager settings in Spectrum 9.2.1 11/29/12
TEC564926 A Note about Spectrum Report Manager and Fault Tolerance 11/29/12
TEC564918 How to configure NCM to use CISCO-CONFIG-COPY.MIB instead of OLD-CISCO-System.MIB to get configuration from a Cisco Router 11/29/12
TEC564877 Troubleshooting Errors In OneClick / Spectrum Report Manager when using Internet Explorer such as: Object doesn't support this property or method / Problems with this Web page might prevent it from being displayed properly or functioning properly. 11/29/12
TEC564876 Unable to run SSdbload - Getting errors when running SSdbsave database backup from CLI 11/29/12
TEC562504 Best Practice to deal with excessive snmp and icmp communication lost alarms in Spectrum OneClick. 11/29/12
TEC561659 Hotfix patch H04 can fail during the host evaluation section of install with Exit value 128 11/29/12
TEC560748 LDAP Users getting the following error when trying to login to InfoView / Spectrum Report Manager: Account Information Not Recognized: Enterprise authentication could not log you on. Please make sure your logon information is correct 11/29/12
TEC560699 What is bandwidth usage by Spectrum when polling a device? 11/29/12
TEC560582 How to verify the Wily web services are installed and configured for the Wily Spectrum integration 11/29/12
TEC560581 Installation of Spectrum 9.2 on Redhat 5 is failing 11/29/12
TEC560510 How to populate information in OneClick to display columns for the Device user, NCM mode ,NCM user ,Source and Location fields in the captured configuration area under the Host Configuration tab in OneClick 11/29/12
TEC560427 Spectrum eHealth initial or incremental mapping could fail after upgrade to 9.2.1 11/29/12
TEC560425 Spectrum eHealth integration shows an error when initial or incremental Mappings are run 11/29/12
TEC560424 After upgrade of Spectrum to release 9.2.1 the eHealth Report options are no longer available when right clicking on a mapped model 11/29/12
TEC559722 How to update new hostname in Spectrum? 11/29/12
TEC559569 Trap Director consumes SpectroSERVER memory when heavily utilized. 11/29/12
TEC558963 Spectrum OneClick version 9.2.1 now uses a fixed listen port of 14001. Be sure to update your firewall. 11/29/12
TEC558405 Zone models destroyed and recreated after restarting the Solaris Zones AIM 11/29/12
TEC558404 VMware Manager and vCenter Server Device Type Incorrect After Upgrade to Spectrum 9.2.1 11/29/12
TEC558087 Best Practices for adding a new license in Spectrum 9.0 and later 11/29/12
TEC556108 Is 64 bit Java supported for use with OneClick? 11/29/12
TEC555466 How to restrict interface creation for devices in Spectrum? 11/29/12
TEC549362 Setting and changing default thresholds for Virtual Host Management (VHM) models (VMs, DataCenters, Hosts, etc) 11/29/12
TEC549358 SystemEdge Log File Monitor match traps generate "Error Processing Event 0x116002f" events on the Host_SystemEdge device model. 11/29/12
TEC549356 The restart of Infoview fails with 'SRM has not finished starting' after H03 has been applied and the required spectrum-wkp-update.bat has been executed. 11/29/12
TEC549352 Effective planning for Spectrum Reporting database growth, optimizations and repairs in 9.2 11/29/12
TEC548634 How the events are processed in Eventdisp file. 11/29/12
TEC547513 Spectrum fails to authenticate through Embedded Entitlements Manager (EEM) after installing Hot Fix H04 11/29/12
TEC546456 How to have Spectrum send email using SANM when a model is created? 11/29/12
TEC546131 Spectrum 9.1 install for mysql could fail 11/29/12
TEC545550 Use of Embedded Entitlements Manager (EEM) in Spectrum 9.2 for login to BOXI 3.1 11/29/12
TEC545491 Report selection page is empty? 11/29/12
TEC545490 "Unable to connect to Boxi Web Applications. connection Refused". Apache tomcat terminating continuously. 11/29/12
TEC545486 Redirect SPECTRUM OneClick users to desired address and/or port 11/29/12
TEC545485 Block access to http:// on port 80 in SPECTRUM OneClick 11/29/12
TEC543980 Error with while upgrading from Spectrum 9.0 to 9.1. 11/29/12
TEC543903 Error when trying to launch the Performance View from Spectrum Control Panel 11/29/12
TEC543902 How to modify Report Mangaer (BusinessObjects Enterprise Java) InfoView URL port. 11/29/12
TEC543894 Possible SpectroSERVER instability after editing or creating policies in the 9.2 Policy Manager 11/29/12
TEC543444 NotifyOneclick.exe is not available after downloading the Spectrum/Servicedesk Integration components from Oneclick in Spectrum 9.2 H03 11/29/12
TEC543443 SANM will not filter alarms for a dynamic Global Collection if a condition attribute is configured in the GC rule. 11/29/12
TEC543227 How to re-register new Spectrum owner with Process daemon? 11/29/12
TEC543226 Can we move an existing device into an existing Global collection using Modeling Gateway? 11/29/12
TEC543225 How to update the new hostname in Boxi? 11/29/12
TEC541842 OneClick Console cannot be launched due to "Could not complete the authorization" fatal error. 11/29/12
TEC540607 Can alarms in OneClick be escalated to Level 2 and Level 3 teams automatically from within an organization? 11/29/12
TEC539915 Fault-tolerant database synchronization fails between Primary and Secondary SpectroSERVER. 11/29/12
TEC539084 Sender's name not reflected in the Alarm Notification email? 11/29/12
TEC539065 How to Disable the eHealth Integration? 11/29/12
TEC538585 Spectrum Virtual Host Manager (VHM) configurations which contain the same model in multiple hierarchies are not supported 11/29/12
TEC538541 Can Alarm Notifier send the Alert Notification to an IP address in the form of Text Message? 11/29/12
TEC538222 Unable to launch Oneclick Console after upgrading to Spectrum 9.2 11/29/12
TEC538204 How to schedule the DDMDB maintenance and optimization scripts. 11/29/12
TEC531277 How can I export the definitions for my global collections? 11/29/12
TEC531073 Spectrum Report Gateway (SRG) is no longer a supported module in Spectrum Infrastructure Manager (IM) 9.2 11/29/12
TEC530896 SPECTRUM OneClick Java Security Certificate has expired 11/29/12
TEC530731 SPM Test alarm was not forwarded as SNMP trap by AlarmNotifier scripts 11/29/12
TEC577686 Modified Default Significance does not match CIs significance when populated to a Service via dynamic relationships 09/16/12
TEC577685 Mobil UI shows "???" characters 09/16/12
TEC577684 SOI Webservices Interface - enumerate operation with the xpath-filter on the usm fields 09/16/12
TEC584396 SPM test times out when running HTTPS test on a SystemEDGE host 08/18/12
TEC575118 In Mobil UI the Service Names are empty 08/05/12
TEC575019 MD5 Checksum Information for Virtual Assurance for Infrastructure Managers 12.7, CA Server Automation 12.7 Service Provisioning Content 12.7& CA Server Automation Rapid Server Imaging 12.7 08/02/12
TEC579229 Spectrum (hotfix patch H09) - fixes and enhancements to pre-existing functionality 05/10/12
TEC568195 "CA EI Event Service Management" service stops/fails when Event Manager is not available 04/12/12
TEC566703 How to modify ci icons in SOI Console 03/23/12
TEC566203 Create Ticket Action properties list is empty 03/16/12
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