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CA Software Delivery
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TEC410683 List of Current Desktop and Server Management (DSM), and Desktop Management Suite (DMS) Build numbers 07/21/14
TEC317036 Installing Windows with Unicenter Software Delivery 3.1 03/12/14
TEC464930 Is it Supported to install an Operating System Installation Management (OSIM) Boot Server on a Windows Domain Controller? 02/24/14
TEC535501 How to prevent duplication of scalability server in MDB when hardware is replaced. 11/20/13
TEC492608 Can a DMS script program be compiled and linked as a windows executable file? 06/04/13
TEC481354 Why does the DSM installation on a UNIX machine sets the process specific variables in /etc/profile? 03/25/13
TEC478028 Installing Windows XP or 2003 on a different Windows System directory 03/25/13
TEC478245 The Deployment Wizard shows a scan result of "no response" 03/22/13
TEC499197 How to set local time deviation between EM-DM and DM-SS? 03/07/13
TEC420826 Modify the Default Password for User ca_itrm When Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is Used on Windows 02/26/13
TEC507672 How to enable/disable the DSM/ITCM Packager traces and where can they be found? 02/22/13
TEC406015 Clarification on multiple Boot servers in a subnet 01/14/13
TEC508120 Ensuring the Agent version installed by Operating System Installation Management (OSIM) is always up to date. 12/12/12
TEC492833 Moving the Operating System Installation Management (OSIM) image store location. 12/12/12
TEC480923 The log generated by the process sdprimer.exe grow to fill the disk system server USD. It is there a method or setting to limit the size or set a Cyclical purge ? 12/12/12
TEC480644 How to relocate the DTS staging folder? 12/12/12
TEC480587 Automatically shutting down PC after SD deliveries 12/12/12
TEC470408 I can see the deployed packages installed on Agents, but the Job Status does not get updated in the DSM-Explorer. How can I get the Status updated faster? 12/12/12
TEC462279 Export and Import Software Packages, Boot Images and OS Images. 12/12/12
TEC557270 How do the "Deliver at" and "Activate at" schedule parameters work when setting up a deployment for a software delivery job? 12/11/12
TEC480660 How to disable Wakeup-on-Lan feature in R11? 12/11/12
TEC480647 The jobcheck window is not shown. What possible reasons can there be for this? 12/11/12
TEC479626 Can the ADMIN$ share be disabled on the targets after deploying the agent? 12/11/12
TEC477446 How to specify a different share instead of the Admin$ share for deploying agents? 12/11/12
TEC476555 How do I configure an agent to report to a different Scalability Server? 12/11/12
TEC471128 How do I change the default installation path of DSM and DMPrimer components? 12/11/12
TEC401532 Desktop and Server Management Agents Support for Windows XP Embedded 12/11/12
TEC537008 ITCM OSIM Installation of ESX using Windows Server NFS Services 12/10/12
TEC536391 CreateOSImage fails when creating RHEL 5.4 or 5.5 image 12/10/12
TEC536193 Missing OSIM components in DSM/ITCM Explorer on Windows 2008 12/10/12
TEC536125 Cannot deploy agents using the Deployment Wizard if the CA Connection Broker service is running 12/10/12
TEC535696 Upgrade fails with "Could not contact database 'mdb' on server 'server_name' (instance'MSSQLSERVER.1433'). 12/10/12
TEC532470 Is there a way to install a Windows Image using OSIM in the primary partition (C Drive) without formatting or deleting other partitions? 12/10/12
TEC532323 The upgrade of a DSM Domain to ITCM 12.5 encounters an error similar to: Cannot run program "sqlcmd.exe". 12/10/12
TEC525845 Does the UPM installation has to be the same version as DSM/ITCM? 12/10/12
TEC520775 How to enable/disable the DSM/ITCM WAC (Web Admin Console) traces and where are they created? 12/10/12
TEC520538 Is it possible to directly upgrade the Enterprise Manager/Domain Manager from version 11.2 C3 to ITCM version 12.0 SP1? 12/10/12
TEC513009 Windows Cluster Service fails to start after ITCM Installation on Windows Server 2008 R2. 12/10/12
TEC507662 How to enable/disable the DSM/ITCM SM Installer traces and where can they be found? 12/10/12
TEC505934 Procedure for CA IT Client Manager (ITCM) upgrade from r11.2SP4/r12 to r12 SP1 in a cluster environment. 12/10/12
TEC500424 How to change the port number the DSM Manager uses to connect to the MDB? 12/10/12
TEC480187 How to prevent users from sending jobs to all computers? 12/10/12
TEC480184 How to set the security profile for group of users so that they can only push software packages? 12/10/12
TEC480172 How to install "DSM AllAgents" plugin using Deploywrapper.exe? 12/10/12
TEC550187 Getting message "Failed to set property in configuration file." appears when running the command 'caf setserveraddress' 12/07/12
TEC546749 Getting a checksum consistency error when trying to stage packages form enterprise manager to domain managers. 12/07/12
TEC546747 Is there any way to increase the softeare delivery job timeout to more than 7 days? 12/07/12
TEC544070 How does OSIM identify which sysprep.xml file to be used during the OS deployment? 12/07/12
TEC542638 Reports Missing AD Data. 12/07/12
TEC542624 ITCM installation hangs on Linux operating systems with incompatible java 12/07/12
TEC542623 SD server running on OpenSuse11 stops functioning when a SD job is run on an agent with CCS calendar attached 12/07/12
TEC540363 "Could not contact database 'MDB' on server xxxxx (Instance ; 1433)." error occurs while upgrading the Domain Manager 12/07/12
TEC538913 Install the ITCM Agent on an cluster node 12/07/12
TEC538493 CCS Calendars applied to DT Links are ignored 12/07/12
TEC538388 Missing scalability servers in continuous discovery wizard 12/07/12
TEC511059 Error: "-1605 This action is only valid for products that are currently installed". 12/07/12
TEC504721 Upgrade from DSM version r11.2 SP4 to ITCM r12 fails with error code "1603". 12/07/12
TEC416462 Integrating an Open LDAP server via the Unicenter Desktop and Server Management (DSM) directory integration 09/01/12
TEC398152 r11 Agent and infrastructure Interactive Deployment 08/29/12
TEC401107 Registering and Installing Various Packages in Unicenter Desktop and Server Management r11.x 08/31/12
TEC573274 How to recreate the user canonprv if it is deleted from the OS by mistake. 07/05/12
TEC565838 When deploying ITCM agent via the Infrastructure Deployment Wizard and using additional parameters, the following error appears: "The extended attributes are inconsistent" 03/10/12
TEC477308 How to increase the agent deployment timeout? 12/18/08
TEC475163 The upgrade of DSM Agents using DMSWEEP fails with error 1638 "Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue". 11/23/08
TEC423651 How to install large package using the 'Internal NOS' download method 10/09/08
FAQ394764 I notice that within the <install dir>asmlibraryoutput folder there is an extremely large number of sub-folders and files; what are they and can they be removed? 10/09/08
TEC471363 How do I choose the Language on the DSM Agent? 10/01/08
TEC313798 Deploying Windows 2000/XP Service Packs using Software Delivery v4.0 09/24/08
TEC468604 Preventing Reboots while upgrading the DSM Agents using Software Delivery. 09/14/08
TEC468981 Is it possible to deploy the agents without adding an entry in Start Menu/Programs? 08/20/08
TEC468723 Why during a SD jobcheck the "software detection records" are not sent to DSM manager? 08/16/08
TEC466388 Configure a CAF plugin to run with a different account instead of the Local System Account? 07/10/08
TEC465928 Install or upgrade of a DSM/CMS MDB fails even though SQL Admin Login credentials are used. 07/02/08
TEC465623 Migration process failed to connect to the legacy manager. 06/27/08
TEC465226 How to convert a .dms script file to an executable? 06/20/08
TEC463918 Wake On Lan (WOL) into a subnet remote to the Scalability Server being used as a Boot Server fails to start an OS deployment if no target PC of this subnet is so far registered with that Scalability Server. 05/30/08
TEC463914 Restrictions on changing the name or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of a Domain or Enterprise server 05/30/08
TEC463741 How can I stage packages on the Scalability Server manually without using the network? 05/25/08
TEC413106 Why sometimes the Drive C is not automatically converted in NTFS after installation of Ghost image on a PXE 02/06/08
TEC407142 Migrating Legacy USD, UAM and URC Data to DSM R11 12/14/07
TEC421113 Corrected instructions for creating a WinPE ISO image for use with OS Installation Management. 11/17/07
TEC434407 Installing CA Desktop and Server Management (DSM) where the MDB will be on a remote SQL Cluster 09/28/07
TEC426382 Zones support for Solaris 06/10/07
TEC425358 Uninstalling Desktop and Server Management components silently from the command line 05/26/07
FAQ393774 Why doesn't the DSM installer prerequisites detect the SQL Server 2005 Driver for JDBC, whereas it does detect the SP4 JDBC driver for SQL 2000? 04/13/07
TEC420522 Changing the location where the log files are written 03/25/07
TEC415456 Why, after installing on an Enterprise or Domain server, that previously had Unicenter Software Delivery 4.0 installed, is it not possible to deploy packages? 01/21/07
TEC413100 Why installation of a Ghost image on a PXE machine overwrites the disk paritition definition 12/16/06
TEC407120 Upgrading existing Windows Agents via infrastructure deployment 10/12/06
TEC405941 The Agent installed as part of the Operating System Installation Management (OSIM) install of a target computer 10/12/06
TEC398153 r11 and Wake-on-LAN Configuration and Implementation 09/02/06
TEC400294 Unicenter Software Delivery Install Path limitation on Windows 64 bit machines 07/08/06
FAQ395214 What is the Default Network Operation System (NOS) for a DSM installation? 05/13/06
TEC268544 An Overview of Software Delivery 01/07/05
TEC314146 Applying Microsoft Hotfixes Using Software Delivery 01/30/04
N/A Error Codes (Desktop Management Scripting Language) 05/13/02
Hints and Tips
TEC385333 Changing the install drive letter for an sxp product 12/14/05
TEC268593 Autoinst directory is not created on my NT Staging Server 06/10/04